Did you see Death Smith’s grift email yesterday? She sees a mailer telling the truth about her, so she gets her grift on and asks for money, any amount, just give her your hard-earned money to defend her dismal record.

Did you notice in her email she says Beadles is spreading lies about our schools? Notice she doesn’t say lies about HER?

Well, none of the accusations are lies; they are all based on witnesses and data.

She’s trying to defend one of the worst school districts in the Nation, while saying her feelings are hurt, and to give her money.

This coward is the same grifter who turned down $30,000 to help the kids. That $30k could have really done some good. Did she care? Hell no! All this grifter had to do was show up and debate Paul White on her dismal record of destruction and death in our school district.

I guess that’s why she refuses to debate Paul or anyone publicly that would ask real questions?

This grifter in this one email to her “subjects” tells you all you need to know about her. She won’t defend her actions, she makes everything about herself, and all she cares about is her image and your money, not your kids!

Death Smith and her grift have to go, vote her out for our kids’ sake!

The grifter has to go.

In the postscript below, Paul White tells us these are 7 features of a great public school district, notice Washoe does none of this under grifter Death Smith’s leadership… I wonder why? Don’t worry though, she’ll never tell us, but don’t forget to give her some of your hard-earned money so she can hire people to say nice things about her despite all her failures.

On a positive note…..

Don’t forget to RSVP NOW for the 5/24/24 Freedom Friday in Boomtown. Paul White will present on stage many of Death Smith’s horrendous failures as head of the WCSD; this is a presentation you won’t want to miss! Great food, people, and one heck of a presentation by Paul White you won’t want to miss!

RSVP NOW 5/24/24 5pm-8pm. You won’t want to miss it. Bring your kids, grandkids, teachers, students, neighbors, friends, and family to learn what’s happening in our Washoe County Schools under Death Smith and what we can all do about it.




7 Features of Any Great Public School District


  • Daily attendance of at least 90%, and ZERO tolerance for tardies.

You can’t teach students who aren’t there or who are not in class on time. Virtually all states have laws that provide escalating, legal consequences for parents and for students who are chronically absent or tardy. Enforce them – every time!

  • Zero tolerance for use or possession of any controlled substance.

Enforce the state laws – every time!

Simultaneously implement the West Valley Voluntary Drug-Testing Program.

  • Zero tolerance for physical assaults or verbal abuse of staff or students.

Enforce the state laws – every time!

Physical assaults on staff: Arrest and place student on permanent home-study.

Verbal abuse/disrespect of staff: Suspend and/or place on home-study.

Physical assaults on other students: Arrest and/or place student(s) on home-study.

  • Strong and consistent parent accountability.

A parent or other related family member must shadow their child in class for a half-day per semester.

Mandatory parent education classes for parents with children violating items 2 or 3 above.

  • Racial harmony and sexual identity.

Every school will hold all students individually and equally accountable for their behavior and academic performance, regardless of race, ethnicity, or sexual identity.

Students will be identified and treated according to their biological sex and legal names.

DEI departments will be disbanded because they will no longer be needed.

  • Additional graduation requirements.

150 hours each of paid employment experience and community service will be required for graduation, accumulated any time between grades 9-12.

  • A “non-teaching educator” is an oxymoron.

Every district employee legally qualified to teach students, including the superintendent, WILL teach a minimum of 2 class periods per week.

Are there any specific rules for high academic achievement? NO!

Any school district that enforces and maintains items 1 through 7, and supports and conscientiously supervises its teachers, would inevitably have a top-quality learning environment guaranteeing high-achieving, safe, and respectful schools.

Paul White

What’s going on in YOUR school?

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