Have you seen the latest propaganda hitting our mailboxes?

Did you read all that utter propaganda filled with so much BS it’s nauseating?

Have you seen the folks endorsing Clara?

Make sure to download every video of every person endorsing her here:


What do you notice about these videos? Do they strike you as the hostage, proof of life videos, where there’s a gun to someone’s head and they are forced to read from a script to appease their captors? Sure does to us, lol…

Regardless, their words will not age well. It will be interesting to see if any of them remove their endorsements after seeing this post.

Most that come to Clara’s defense are Democrats, I wonder why that is? Maybe she’s not really a Republican?

Maybe that’s why the Washoe County Republican Central Committee censured Clara and no longer recognizes her as a Republican?

Her voting record sure screams Democrat.

In just this brief post I’ll share with you, her votes were the determining factor 30 times that gave the victory to special interests and Democrats vs the Conservative values she supposedly says she has as a registered Republican.

How can any true conservative, let alone Republican, endorse Clara, let alone vote for her after seeing what you will see shortly?

There will be no debate, the people who endorse her, or vote for her are not conservatives, nor Republicans, they are now too part of the collapse of our country and county under Democrat, RINO rule.

Any Republican or Republican club endorsing Clara Andriola needs to be forwarded this post. If they continue to support her after reading this, make no mistake, they are not Republicans either.

Let’s get into it.

Here is an example of just 30 of her votes that went against Republican Commissioner Clark and Herman.

These votes were the difference between us saving our county or losing it.

  • Clara voted against protecting, and safeguarding our elections.
  • Voted to bring in far-left election groups/companies to work in our elections.
  • Placing a tyrannical ultra-lib Alexis Hill as the Chair of the County Commission over Republican Vice Chair Jeanne Herman.
  • Gave millions more to the black hole homeless industrial complex.
  • Denied our most precious seniors the funding and care they need.
  • Sent millions more to the unaccounted-for County coffers.
  • Threw Lemmon Valley residents to the wolves.
  • Supported pornographic books in our libraries that our children visit.
  • Appointing liberals to various seats.
  • Increasing Washoe residents’ fees and taxes.
  • Keeping the proper land uses away from Washoe residents.
  • Increasing government bloat.
  • Putting special interests above our families’ interests.
  • Giving the county manager a 300k budget per transaction with no approval needed by the board.
  • Adding a draconian code of conduct for Washoe employees and commissioners.
  • Made the election certification process far less trustworthy.
  • Accused of being part of the group that brought a Satanist into our county commission meeting to pray to freaking Satan!!!!

Folks, these are just a few examples. I don’t want to get carpal tunnel or run out of ink posting them all! Feel free to double-check the team’s findings, you can go to the County’s own website, pull up past agendas, minutes, and see how the commissioners voted. You will see that Clara The Clown consistently votes with the Democrats on highly important issues that would have gone to the conservatives, instead went to the Democrats.

We are one vote away from saving our county. It is clear Clara the Clown is not that vote. Folks, if you want to save our county, yourself, and our families, do not support Clara Andriola. Support Mark Lawson or Tracey Hilton Thomas. Either will be the ONE vote we so desperately need to support Commissioners Herman and Clark so we can take back our county.

The facts speak for themselves, Clara’s propaganda piece would make Orwell yell “I told you so!”

When someone shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM!!!!

Clara is not a Republican, she is not a conservative. Anyone supporting her after seeing the facts here is either a sellout RINO or a Democrat. It’s that simple.

Share this everywhere.

Let’s see how many pull their endorsements or stand tall and show you they are Democrats too.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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