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Joe Biden came to Reno.

He was greeted by fellow failures Hillary Schieve and Alexis Hill.

He spoke to a room of around 50 people, then took off again.

Are we supposed to believe this guy got 81 million votes?

He comes to Reno and draws 50 people (most of whom are media and public servants being paid with our tax dollars to be there), and the other guy comes to Reno and draws 20,000-40,000 people who spend their own time, and money to see him.

Something doesn’t seem right….

We must examine the election process, and see if it seems trustworthy, as well as its reported results.

The voter rolls, which are the foundation of all our election data, are off by 30-52% depending on the county or district.

Mass mail-out ballots are sent off to this same list of voters in prepaid envelopes.

The State reported Washoe County had nearly a 70% ballot waste of all ballots sent out.

Many 1st world countries do not allow mail-in ballots.

These ballots are filled out and mailed back with postage paid to one location, the ROV.

Signature verification is the only safeguard we have in Nevada, as there is no voter ID, and same-day registration is allowed. Signature verification was not done as per the law’s requirements.

All the ballots and all the electronic votes are counted by machines at this one location.

These votes are contained within a device directly hooked up to the internet.

The organizations which certify our voting machines have been hacked and exploited.

Most of the election officials are Democrats.

Most of the organizations used within our election processes are Democrats or tied to them.

Our votes are verified by a handful of people, behind closed doors, in secret, breaking many election laws, and court orders.

We the people are never allowed to count the votes.

We the people are never allowed to audit what this small group of people reports our votes were.

Most Counties are against audits, hand counts, parallel headcounts, and any transparency to verify what the machines and small groups of people report is correct.

We have to trust and never verify what they report is accurate.

The Secretary of State just had a “glitch” in their code, that showed people had voted, when they had not. Then the SOS went in and changed the data and information, and again changed it wrong. This showed they can manipulate what the data reports via back channels.

In the 2020 and 2022 elections, The State Of Nevada’s SOS reported election results show the two largest counties in Nevada separated on opposite sides of the state voted nearly identically in every precinct, while the other counties did not. This is a coding issue or hacking issue.

On the night of the 2020 election, for the first time, our election tabulation was paused, when it resumed, many conservative candidates who were winning were now losing.

Just months ago, Nevada did a caucus, where citizens from across the state conducted an election in 2.5 hours, requiring vote by paper ballot, counting by hand of paper ballots, and voter ID required, results were known the same day. The election process the Democrats put in place takes 6 weeks to know the results.

The Democrats are flooding our state with illegal aliens. DMV via automatic voter registration registered every Nevadan to vote. Many illegals are now voting or encouraged to vote. Democrats in DC are suggesting illegal aliens must be allowed to vote. Democrats are funding these illegal aliens with our tax dollars, being groomed to vote for Democrats.

With all of these issues, and these are but 10% of the issues, can we trust our elections?

Why are our public servants so against election integrity and reform?

Why is Commissioner Chair Alexis Hill and County Manager Eric Brown so against parallel hand counting to offer some transparency in our election results?

With these issues, do you feel our elections are trustworthy?

Are you better off now or were you better off in 2020?

Do you believe Joe Biden and his policies would really win Nevada in 2024?

After reading these issues, do you believe Joe Biden really received 81,000,000 votes?

These issues above are not just specific to Washoe or Nevada, this occurs in many states.

Think for yourself, and ask questions of our public servants.

You tell me, can we trust our elections or do we need a parallel hand count before the primary to offer us some peace of mind?

Why do you think Alexis Hill and Eric Brown are doing everything they can to keep it off the county commissioner’s agenda?

The county commission as a whole can decide to use or not use machines, to count by hand our votes, to a simple parallel hand count vs the machine-reported votes. Yet refuse to.

What are they so scared of?

Why won’t they listen to us?

Do you believe Biden really got 81 million votes?


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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