Take a look at today’s Board of County Commissioners Agenda, look at item 17.
Notice Hill wants complete control over what gets added to the agenda.
She and she alone can add or deny an item. It’s no longer up to the board as a whole.

Look how she now will not let items come back on the agenda unless one of the liberals who voted it down now decides to vote in favor of it coming back.

Here, you can see she wants to silence ALL dissent from fellow commissioners if they don’t agree with her tyrannical rule:

Folks, you can’t make this up.

This is all about Commissioners Herman and Clark’s effort to add transparency to our elections.

Again, what is Hill so scared of? What is Brown so scared of?

Using false documents to prevent election integrity resolutions on the agenda to now outright banning them.

Folks, this tyrant does not want what’s best for all of Washoe.

She must be peacefully called out for this act of Orwellian tyranny.

The meeting is today at 10 am

1001 E 9th St, Reno, NV 89512


Full agenda here:


You can E-comment your disapproval of her actions here as well:


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