I’ve talked about Edward Bernays and other masters of propaganda in past articles, but many don’t realize how prevalent propaganda truly is in our daily lives.

Bernays called propaganda the invisible hand and the invisible governors guiding our selections while appearing that these selections are our own, while the options for our selections are already predetermined by these invisible forces.

Bernays argued that propaganda is not good or bad, but how it could be either depending on how it’s used. If it’s used to promote lies and falsehoods, well, that’s bad. He truly believed propaganda was needed to guide society. He believed the word “propaganda” itself was at one time a favorable word used by churches in the 16th century, but after the war, it was given a negative meaning.

Regardless of what Bernays thought about its use, he understood it well, not only how to use it but how to spot it. What was true 100 years ago is true today, just highly amplified due to technology and how the world has become so interconnected by just a few technology brokers. “Bad” propaganda now is truly in every facet and aspect of our lives.

From local to global politics, it’s no different. For example, we saw the mainstream media show outrage and a mass of protesters in front of the Supreme Court saying to lock up Trump, yet it turns out it was just a few people, apparently paid by an NGO, and dozens of press, who from close-ups and side shots, tried to make it look like it was a mob of people, yet it was only a few.

The obvious reason here was to try to make the world think that huge mobs of people want Trump locked up. We see the same in Russia, Ukraine, etc. Trying to show the mass outcry to send zillions more dollars to Ukraine with zero accountability. Both of these fabrications are untrue, it is the Bernays “invisible hand” who wants you to think these are true. It’s obvious if you look and pull the curtain back a bit, that the media and their handlers are trying to craft a narrative, to propagandize us and manipulate us to their will or their way of thinking.

Many believe this is necessary, like Machiavellians; they believe the “mob” or we the people are incapable of choosing correctly in life, and we would have a chaotic society if we were left to our own means, that there must be a ruler, a king so to speak, and the ends justify the means so long as they stay in power and control. So, be it through propaganda, manipulation, terror, force, etc., they maintain their rule and their order.

America was the first time there was a land, sovereign, made by the people, for the people, of the people. My great-uncle said they left us a republic if we could keep it. Folks, we haven’t kept it.

People seem to like to be told what to do, and what to think, takes more off their plate. We saw this with God leading the Israelites out of Egypt; they just wanted to go back and be oppressed, rather than free. Crazy, right?

I’m grateful for those like me out there who would rather be free at all costs vs. a puppet of someone else.

People ask me how do we change? How do we spot when we are being manipulated, when we’re being played, when we’re being propagandized.

I tell them first it’s in everything, from the movies to the news, to what our servants tell us, to our education systems, to the internet, social media, etc. It’s everywhere, so pretty much just look at everything with a skeptical eye, do your own research, and don’t let anyone tell you what to think, especially me. Do your own research.

Where do I recommend they start?

Edward Bernays’ writings, he was a prolific propagandist who molded the way most of America thinks of many things, even still to this day. From products, medical care, foods, politics, etc.

In his book “Propaganda,” published in 1928, he outlines how to spot and how to manipulate through propaganda targeted people, groups, and even countries.

His main points for successful manipulation through propaganda are summarized as follows: molding public opinion, understanding the psychology of the audience, using media crucially, creating a consistent message, establishing authority and credibility, making an emotional appeal, emphasizing simplicity and repetition, considering timing and context, adhering to ethical considerations, and ensuring continuous feedback and adaptation.

Now, let me give you a simple example of how to spot pure, utter, direct propaganda from our Secretary of State regarding the “glitch” that affected all Nevadans in their PPP election they created and forced us into.

In this letter, it’s from the Secretary of State’s office to the Secretary of State. It’s an “I’m sorry, not sorry” letter to Nevada.


In this letter, it is filled with “bad” propaganda, as Bernays would say. In a nutshell, they claim there’s nothing to see here, everything is fine, go back to sleep, they’re in charge, and do not question them, or we’re labeled conspiracy theorists.

Let me explain, in this letter, it is jam-packed with Bernays’ principles that can be seen as follows:

Assurance of System Integrity:

The letter emphasizes that the election results were not affected and that voter Personally Identifiable Information (PII) was secure. This assertion aims to build trust and alleviate concerns about the integrity of the electoral system.

Simplification and Rationalization:

The issue is attributed to a “miscommunication in code,” simplifying a complex technical problem into a manageable, understandable error. This simplification serves to minimize the perception of the problem’s severity and rationalize it as a simple oversight.

Use of Technical Jargon:

The explanation involves technical terms like “hard-coded,” “canvass code,” and “statewide voter database,” which can serve to obfuscate the issue’s simplicity, depending on the audience’s technical literacy.

Appeal to Authority:

References to the actions and decisions of state and county staff, as well as legislative actions (e.g., AB422), invoke authority figures and processes to lend credibility to the narrative and the solutions proposed.

Emphasizing Collective Effort and Responsibility:

The letter highlights the collaborative effort between state and county staff to resolve the issue, promoting a sense of collective responsibility and competence in addressing election-related problems.

Highlighting Proactive Measures:

Discussion of modernizing the election system and moving towards a top-down voter registration and election management system serves to frame the state as proactive and forward-thinking, aiming to prevent future issues.

Discrediting Opposing Claims:

Any claims contrary to the letter’s narrative are preemptively labeled as false, seeking to discredit potential criticisms or alternative interpretations of the events.

Framing as an Opportunity for Improvement:

The issue is framed as highlighting the importance of system modernization and voter education, turning a problem into an opportunity for positive change.

Do you see what they did yet?

They basically say, all is fine, nothing affected our votes, they just need more money, and more control, and this won’t happen again. If you say otherwise, you’re labeled a conspiracy theorist, and they may prosecute you. Then the legacy press covered it all up for them, repeating the same message, and the story just went away with zero investigative journalism aside from a few alternative media sites like The Nevada Globe.

Our $80,000 challenge shows there’s a huge problem in the “code”, either by design or by a hack, that made the two largest counties vote nearly identically, in every precinct. They call me a conspiracy theorist for showing this, using only their own data. In their letter they say their “code” “glitched” but affected nothing, if we say otherwise, we’re the crazy ones.

Nowhere in the private sector as a business would this fly, so how does it in government, with our most sacred voice, our vote?

Folks, question everything, do your own research, keep a skeptical eye, and for the love of God, learn what they are doing to us, and call out the BS.

Do you think by a total top-down election and voter management system, centralized at just the same Secretary of State building, is somehow going to keep us safe, our votes safe, our elections safe, and our voter rolls safe? Or will you believe their propaganda….

Do you believe Clara Andriola is really a Republican? Do you believe she is really for safe, free, and legitimate elections? Do you believe Alexis Hill or Eric Brown or The NV SOS is for safe, free, and fair elections? If they are, why do they continue to vote against them?

If you believe these three, you may have just choked down their all-you-drink glass of propaganda….



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