Well, the RGJ is running cover for leftists again. They’re keeping Creepy Edwyn Lyngar’s Satan opinion pieces at the top of the RGJ for weeks now, which, from what I can tell, they never do for anyone or anything else, especially anything conservative. Nor do they let conservatives answer back or refute the claims posed by their leftist minions. Look at the dates on Lyngar’s pro-Satan posts.

Look how they are at the top of the columns.

(Don’t miss at the end too, where I show you what a hypocritical liar Robison of the RGJ is as well.)

I want to now bring us to an opinion piece by Reno pediatrician Christina Raman, where she trash talks conservatives, the caucuses, and using schools for caucuses.

Her main arguments in the RGJ article here are:

Christina Raman unleashes a scathing critique on the Washoe County School District for what she considers is a reckless endangerment of children by hosting Republican caucuses in schools, what she says is a blatant violation of sacred safety sanctums.

She paints a dystopian picture of parents and children “navigating through hostile, crowd-filled war zones” to reach schools turned political battlegrounds, highlighting an appalling lack of foresight and respect for child safety.

She decried the district’s atrocious communication blackout, showcasing what she states as an “alarming level of negligence” that left parents uninformed and children vulnerable to untold dangers.

She accuses the district of sacrificing children on the altar of political expediency, demanding a seismic shift in priorities to protect the innocence and well-being of our future leaders.

She calls for immediate fortress-like reinforcement of school safety protocols, ensuring schools remain sanctuaries of learning, not what she considers are “arenas for political chaos and endangerment.”

Wowzers right?

Read the full opinion piece here:


My thoughts on her diluted and divisive nonsense are as follows:

Constitutional Rights: The Constitution guarantees the right to suffrage, which includes the ability to gather and express political preferences, even in public spaces like schools, which serve community functions beyond education.

Civic Education: Hosting political events in schools provides a real-life civics lesson for students, demonstrating democracy in action and the importance of participating in the political process.

Safety Record of Conservative Events: Conservative voters attending caucuses pose no more danger to children than any other group. In fact, these events are typically well-organized and peaceful, focusing on civic engagement rather than disruption.

Misplaced Concerns: The assertion that children are in more danger from conservative voters than from their own teachers or leftist ideologies is unfounded and diverts attention from the real educational and societal issues that need addressing.

Role of Medical Professionals: While pediatricians have a duty to advocate for children’s health, blasting an entire demographic or political party is inappropriate and could undermine trust in medical advice, which should remain non-partisan.

Impact on Medical Practice: Criticizing a political event’s logistics to the extent of alienating patients and their families may lead to people withdrawing from a pediatrician’s care, negatively impacting children’s access to health services.

Exercise and Health: In a society grappling with childhood obesity, the inconvenience of extra walking due to parking restrictions during such events could be seen as a minor but positive encouragement for physical activity.

Infrequency of Events: Political caucuses and similar events occur infrequently (e.g., once every four years), making the argument of significant disruption or danger to children overstated.

Community Engagement: These events offer a unique opportunity for residents of the neighborhood to come together, engage in meaningful dialogue, and exercise their constitutional rights, fostering a sense of community and civic responsibility.

Security Measures: Many schools have established security protocols that can be adapted for after-hours events, ensuring that children on-site for other activities remain protected.

Advance Planning: It is possible for school districts to plan for these events in a way that minimizes disruption to school activities and maximizes safety for all participants, including students.

Parental Notification: While the lack of advance notice is a valid concern, this is an administrative issue that can be addressed in future planning, rather than a reason to prohibit political events in schools.

Alternative Venues: Suggesting schools as inappropriate venues for political events overlooks their role as central, accessible locations for community engagement, especially in areas lacking other suitable public spaces.

Historical Precedent: Schools have a long history of being used as polling places and venues for community meetings, underscoring their role in supporting democratic processes.

Risk Assessment: The perceived risk to children from hosting political events at schools should be balanced with factual evidence and historical safety records of similar events.

Educational Opportunities: Exposure to the political process, even indirectly, can stimulate students’ interest in civics and inspire future civic engagement.

Broadening Perspectives: Hosting events for various political parties in schools can provide a neutral ground for fostering understanding and respect among differing viewpoints within the community.

Economic Considerations: Utilizing public spaces like schools for political events is cost-effective and ensures that civic activities remain accessible to all community members, regardless of economic status.

Parental Involvement: These events can encourage parents to become more involved in their children’s education and broader civic life, bridging gaps between schools and the communities they serve.

Building Resilience: Learning to navigate the minor inconveniences of life, such as parking issues during special events, teaches children adaptability and resilience, important life skills in any context.

It’s clear the RGJ and Christina Raman don’t want us coming together, as it destroys their narrative of us being the minority, when clearly it is them.

Now, this brings us to Mark Robison, who wouldn’t post my opinions on when Rubber Stamp Russell sold us all out. Notice he wanted to fact-check my opinions until I called him out (But he still didn’t post my opinions)! Notice how I catch him in his BS and expose him for the 2-bit shyster he is, notice how he-RGJ posts hyperbolic divisive drivel but refuses to allow conservatives the ability to talk about election issues or judges completely screwing us all over like Rubber Stamp Russell did:

(apologies in advance for my swearing at Robison, apologies to you, not to him)

(Forgive my typos in the texts but you get what I was saying.)

As you can see here yet again, Mark Robison and the RGJ continue to run cover for the left.

You can see they are trying to do away with caucuses, you can see he clearly is a hypocrite, and you can see they put Satan at the top of their list.

Additionally, the Reno Pediatrician, I’m told, has already been losing kids due to her divisive drivel. I personally know 2 who have pulled their kids from her care. In fact, they’re the ones who sent me her opinion piece.

It’s sad when our media becomes propaganda papers and pushes such dangerous and divisive nonsense over what we all know, things like Christ is real, and our country is going further and further away from him, hence the downward spiral our country and world is on, and these people don’t want us coming together because it destroys their narrative of “Nevada being a purple or blue state and the leftists are the majority.” It’s just the opposite, the leftists control the media and the elections, so they control the narrative and selections, instead of elections, keeping them in stolen power vs legitimately elected power. We are the majority, if the elections and media were legit, it would be seen by all, that’s their greatest fear.

Why do you think they censor us across all media and socials…

Want to see who’s dangerous for kids and schools, spoiler alert it’s not the conservatives, it’s the leftists, their education system, their open borders, and their trans push, etc., as the Libs of TikTok point to here:


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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