Insiders have told the team a swap is imminent. One in where Hide’n Hillary Schieve steps aside and the council cabal of appointed puppets appoint Drag Queen Devon Reese as our Mayor.

“They” are on the fence as to timing, we’re told.

“They” are worried Devon Reese cannot beat Brian Cassidy for City Council, so if “they” appoint Devon as mayor now, he would circumvent the loss and still be able to do his puppet masters’ bidding. Then we’re told that “they” might, if “they” put enough “resources” in place, be able to grant Devon victory. If that’s the case, then “they” would, after the election, appoint Devon as Mayor.

Hillary needs a bit more time to vest so she gets her PERS benefits for life. Once she does, we’re told she’s out of the public service theater game.

Now, let’s play out one of these scenarios if the insiders are right:

If Devon wins his race for Ward 5, and then gets picked to be mayor, “they” will “select” someone else to take his place in Ward 5. This way, “they” can get two people who agree with them onto the Council at the same time. But, if Devon doesn’t win his race for Ward 5, “they” might still make him mayor. This means he can keep helping make decisions on the Council for two more years and be known as the current mayor. Since the mayor and all the council members have the same power to make decisions, “they” won’t lose “their” 2 votes on the council.

I say let’s have an election so the people have a voice.

The city and county naysay us and call us conspiracy theorists for saying our elections are selections, but this is one of the most blatant examples of how “they” select vs. elect. If you simply look at our current City Council, 60% of them were selected, meaning 60% of the City never got to vote for who will represent them! If that’s not selections vs. elections, I don’t know what is!

With a system like this in place, it is impossible for We The People to ever have a say in what happens in our city or who represents us. Are you waking up to “their” game yet?

Here is a synopsis of the insiders concerns:

Rumors of Political Maneuvering: It’s rumored that Hillary Schieve may resign as Mayor post-election, intending for Devon Reese to be appointed as her successor.

Critique of the Appointment Process: The process is criticized for circumventing public electoral participation, turning an election into a selection by the council.

Fear of Undemocratic Practices: The insider questions the council’s fear of public elections, suggesting that appointments are made to ensure loyalty and maintain control.

Scenario of Double Appointments: If Reese wins his Ward 5 race then gets appointed Mayor, his Ward seat would be filled by another appointment, potentially doubling the council’s appointed allies.

Incumbency Concerns: Appointing Reese as Mayor, whether he wins or loses his Ward 5 race, is seen as a way to manipulate council votes and unfairly claim incumbency.

Call for Public Elections: The insider advocates for direct electoral involvement, criticizing the city’s preference for appointments under the guise of saving money.

Opaque Selection Process: Allegations of a predetermined, unfair selection process, where candidates are interviewed but the outcome is already decided.

Proposal for a Special Election: Suggests integrating a special mayoral election within the existing election cycle to ensure public participation and avoid extra costs.

Demand for Transparency and Accountability: Calls for questioning Schieve and Reese about their intentions and plans, advocating for transparency to prevent undemocratic appointments.

The report expresses a strong desire for electoral integrity and public involvement in the selection of Reno’s mayor, challenging the current practice of council appointments as undemocratic and opaque.

Are the insiders right? We shall soon see. Pay attention to what they say or do next, bookmark this post for proof of what they do, and share this post with your friends and family.



“They” love to say “special elections” are too expensive, so “they” just appoint “their” puppets, and we lose our vote. If this is “their” plan, all “they” need to do to make this right is add it to our current June election, now, so the people, for once, have a real say in who represents them.

Will “they”? Wait and see.

If the insiders are wrong, wouldn’t it be great for Devon and Hillary to come out publicly and say this is not true and they would never do it?

Let’s peacefully ask them.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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