I’ve received numerous text messages and emails from folks asking if I’d ever heard of State Voices after they received an unsolicited text from them.

So the team went to work, and here’s what they found.

Who is State Voices?

State Voices is a massive conglomerate progressive money front funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the progressive ESG-heavy Nathan Cummings Foundation, whose work spans from New York to Israel. They are pro-LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC, pro-immigrant, and believe white supremacy is to blame for our societal problems.

What do they do? Move “Money to the ground

State Voices pools their funds and then regrants 100% of their donations to its “State Tables” which are grassroots organizations established to replicate their narrative. They redirect contributions to support on-the-ground activities led by local communities where they’ve created subsidiary coalitions.

Here’s the kicker: They also utilize federal grants to do this – using US taxpayer dollars to redistrict and pay their network operatives to fund local efforts.

Who do they partner with?

  •   The Yale Program on Climate Change which fosters the global warming narrative.
  •   The Sentencing Project: They believe criminals should not be incarcerated, have a right to vote, run for office while in prison, and criminal records are racist. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and the global ESG MacArthur Foundation are major funders.
  •   Protect Democracy: Funded by the Ford Foundation, The Democracy Fund, and George Soros’ Open Society FoundationProtect Democracy fosters a narrative that “the threat to democracy is violence and must be overcome with strategy.”
  •   The Brennan Center for Justice: Another nonprofit parroting incarceration should be ended for criminals, and those who commit heinous crimes should not be held to account. Their notable funders: The Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, and the Joyce Foundation. They foster a false narrative that people of color are discriminated against when it comes to voting.
  •   America Votes: This far-left progressive coalition promotes Democrat candidates and mobilizes cells in every state, funded by Gorge Soros’ the Democracy Alliance, Planned Parenthood, and a dozen other like organizations. America Votes is anti 2A. They also receive funding from the progressive Tides Advocacy Fund whose lobbyist group was identified as a “dark money” front by Democrat Senator Sheldon Whitehouse in 2021, in “buying political influence”.
  •   And we all know Faith In Action, as previously covered.

In Nevada, the State Voices offshoot is called Silver State Voices.

They are comprised of three groups: Let Nevadans Vote, the ACLU of Nevada, and Battleborn Progress.

Their motto: “We Fight the Right in Nevada”

But are they activists, or bullies?

Together, in April 2022, they sent letters to all 17 Board of County Commissioners, County Clerks, and County Managers, demanding they recognize their assertion that paper ballots and hand-counting of ballots is dangerous – while simultaneously chastising and rebuking anyone who claims elections are fraudulent.

According to CBS 8 News Now, in 2020 Let Nevadans Vote monitored in-person voting places by sending “observers” to act as watchdogs.

In Apri 2021, just 3 months after the January 6th “insurrection,” with full support of the Nevada State Education Association, they rallied outside the Carson City Capital to lobby for more funding for Nevada schools, under the banner of “Red for Revenue.” Let Nevadans Vote demanded funding for progressive school programs. Not one person was arrested, or incarcerated, at this progressive Left demonstration.

In March 2022, they applauded Washoe County Commissioners for rejecting Jeanne Herman’s resolutions to Voter Fraud, referred to as Agenda Item 7,  which were thoughtful, transparent action items to repair Washoe County elections which included paper ballots and hand-counts. Let Nevadans Vote labeled Herman’s efforts as “voter suppression” and they vehemently denied election fraud, even going so far as to say the “administrative process is weaponized.” Further, Washoe County DA Christopher Hicks supported the State Voices/Let Nevadans Vote narrative as documented by This is Reno, not on material fact, but on a technicality centered around the timing of the submission for agenda items to the County Commissioners.

June 2022: Let Nevadans Vote sang the graces of Deanna Spikula, sharing because they felt she resigned with a stellar performance, their “coalition flagged” the event as an ongoing “threat,” promising to “monitor” and work with Washoe County on the ROV replacementOne has to wonder about the relationship between Washoe County and this far-left progressive group, and if they have a hand in procuring County Clerks and ROVs in Nevada overall, to suit their agenda.

In July 2022, Let Nevadans Vote successfully pressed and pressured Elko County to continue using voting machines instead of going back to paper ballots and hand-counting, applauding County Clerk Kris Jakeman and the County Commissioners for adhering to their narrative that machines are “safe and secure”.

In August 2022, Let Nevadans Vote attended the Nye County Board of Commissioners meeting and brazenly lobbied the new County Clerk to “protect against bad actors” after the former Clerk, Sam Merlino, resigned.

In 2023, the Let Nevadans Vote Facebook page shared Lombardo supported and signed Bill AB286 sponsored by Brittney Miller, a Democrat, allowing those in jail to register to vote, and vote.  The Bill was supported by Democrats, 23-0.

Because the money behind Let Nevadans Vote/State Voices calls for the release of those in prison/jail for crimes committed, one could assert they are lobbying for Democrat votes from a pool of prisoners in exchange for release.

State Voices has adeptly woven a vast, multi-layered network of money and influence, capturing the votes of the disadvantaged: homeless, incarcerated, and illegal immigrants. In addition to lobbying County Commissioners and pressuring County Clerks, it’s unclear how far they will go to further their agenda of power and control for the Soros WEF/NWO.

Soros-affiliated organizations have been appearing all over Nevada. We exposed them in 2020, 2022, and even throughout last week, and there is no sign of them slowing down in the upcoming election. Taxpayer funding feeds the Soros engine, and then from there, it goes to all these subsidiaries with aligned missions, effectively using our tax dollars against us.

These Soros-affiliated groups are literally in every layer of our elections in Nevada, from the Secretary of State himself to the Washoe County ROV department; they are everywhere, in everything. For those who question why this is a big deal, I could point to all sorts of things like the flooding of illegals through our borders, elections, etc., but if you simply go back to Soros’s roots, you’ll see he is a real-life, walking, talking Nazi.

The left loves to argue against our facts by calling us Nazis, racists, antisemites, but it’s actually them who are just that, not us. We just want fair elections for all legal voters. Soros and his team appear to have far different goals. How could anyone support this man, or defend him? Don’t take my word for it, take it straight from him, then ask if you want these guys and his affiliates anywhere near us or our country.



These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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