The election case in Georgia exposing issues with voting machines and systems in Georgia has sparked concern across the country.

Recently, the RGJ covered an email sent by the Nevada Secretary of State to county officials, servants. In this letter from the SOS, it clearly states the following: “We realized that there would be no point in arguing against the Halderman report, but instead simply point out that the issues with the systems he talked about CANNOT happen in Nevada because 1) we don’t use those types of Dominion machines or version of the Democracy Suite that he manipulated and 2) our physical and cyber security measures, along with our required processes and procedures (when followed properly) would either prevent or identify any manipulation before it happened.”

From the original SOS Email

The RGJ article

Notice in the RGJ article they purposely leave out “We realized that there would be no point in arguing against the Halderman report, but instead simply point out that the issues with the systems he talked about CANNOT happen in Nevada because”.

Why would Mark do that? Why would Mark Robison purposely leave out such a damning and relevant statement unless Mark is trying to downplay the importance of the real concerns we, legal voters, are concerned with?

Throughout the article, Mark at the RGJ and the SOS responses and arguments clearly have anyone with an IQ over 60 scratching their heads.

The article and email make superficial statements that they think address our concerns, but all it does to me and others is highlight the damning issues our election system and systems across the country are facing.

Some of their statements concerning why they “say” we have no worries about what happened in Georgia happening in Nevada are as follows:

“While these vulnerabilities present risks that should be mitigated as soon as possible, CISA has no evidence that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in any elections,” Voting machine software that showed vulnerabilities “has never been used in Nevada.” The machines themselves were “not certified for use in Nevada,” it added. “None of the issues identified in the CISA report could be exploited without having unlimited access to the voting machines, which is not something that could occur here in Nevada” Even if a machine could be tampered with, the “Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail” on all Dominion machines in Nevada would show if a vote were not recorded properly.

“Each of the proposed attacks requires access and/or opportunity that remains unavailable in the operational environment: all six proposed attacks require an attacker to place hands on a device, tamper with hardware and/or software, or otherwise perform actions under operating conditions and security protocols developed to prevent this form of contact with the equipment,” Even so, the Dominion voting machines used in Nevada are not the same as those in Georgia. 

Those are some of their statements that are supposed to put our minds at ease. What they fail to address and clear up for us are things like:

In Nevada, we can’t inspect the machines’ code, look at or count the bubbles or ballots, inspect VVPAT reports, or even watch the counting process as they broke the law by counting our votes in secret.

Additionally, this fails to address the EMS (election management system) is hooked up to an “Albert Device” which is directly hooked up to the internet!

It doesn’t matter if someone with a ballpoint pen like Halderman can hack a voting machine and change the results on a single machine when someone can hack the EMS and change the entire election for an entire county without even the election workers knowing it!

Literally, a 12-year-old in grandma’s basement could hack the entire system and change an entire election for ALL candidates and we would never be able to see that it happened!

Additionally, showing the issues with these machines as Halderman did, regardless of the software they’re using or the “machine” it’s operating in, shows potential to be hacked!

Anyone that is morally responsible and concerned with election integrity at that point should say pump the brakes! WTH are we using these at all!?

These machines, training, outside vendors, etc., cost Washoe County around 12.5 million dollars if memory serves correctly? So after that crazy amount of money for 100,000 or so votes, a common-sense approach would be why don’t we just use legal registered Washoe voters to count our votes like we did forever before these extremely expensive and questionable machines?

So the question is here, why would the Soros-funded Secretary of State and Soros-funded or tied Washoe County election vendors continue to use these machines or any machines when we know anything hooked up to the internet can be hacked? 

Why continue to use these machines when we can guarantee a nearly perfect and transparent election by utilizing hand counts at a local level to count and report the results? It would save tens of millions of dollars and give us all from all parties trust in our elections again.

Why are these people downplaying these damning issues, why are these people so dead set against reliable and transparent headcounts at a precinct or district level?

If they say it’s out of convenience that’s a horrible tradeoff for legitimate results.

If they say it would take too long to count by hand at a precinct level, how is it we can have it done in two hours after the polls close yet with machines they need 6 weeks!

Folks, what the hell are these people trying to cover up……

Why not just address the elephant in the room? 

Hand count and reporting by Washoe voters, precinct or district level is light-years faster, mountains cheaper, and astronomically more trustworthy. Why not do it?

Why won’t they do what’s right by we the people…..



They never allow us to verify the results, they never address the real issues, they continue to downplay the risks, they continue to naysay hand counting and reporting when it’s the safest and most secure, they never admit publicly it’s all hooked up to the internet and can be hacked.

They fail to admit what Kamala Harris said: a paper ballot is hard to hack. It’s the smartest and truest thing she’s ever said.

Call this BS out, peacefully.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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