On Wednesday, 1/30/24, one of our team members caught the 501(c)(3) “Faith In Action” outside of the Cares Campus, walking up and down the street without being stopped by the county, law enforcement, or campus workers. What were they doing? Registering the “homeless” to vote.

Sounds noble, right? After all, the Cares Campus is the largest homeless complex in the country!

Here is some video footage of the interaction

Seems harmless enough, right… at least on the surface? If you listen to her words, it seems innocent enough most of the time, even her brutal honesty about how wasteful our county servants are, how the Care’s Campus is run like a deadly joke with apparently even 27 deaths! The day of the video above, we saw ambulances coming and going all day long, it’s definitely a disaster there.

So, what is the problem with registering “homeless” voters?

The problem lies with who cleans the voter rolls. In other words, who is removing all the tens of thousands of previously registered voters at the Cares Campus address who have moved on or now have become productive members of society no longer at the Cares Campus?

Exhibits 1-22, in my case, clearly show our voter rolls are a disgusting dumpster fire, so it’s obviously not being done correctly.

Then what happens to these ballots when they just show up at the Cares Campus, and the person is no longer there to claim it? As exhibits 1-3 and 18 show.

What organizations are collecting these mailed unclaimed ballots? Are these same organizations filling out the unclaimed ballots, signing them, then putting them into the postage-paid envelope and mailing them back to the ROV where they are counted as legitimate votes as they don’t perform signature verification as required by law?

How is it if you or I walk up and down the street at the Cares Campus trying to interview the homeless and ask them about their situations and experiences there we are threatened with arrest or prosecution? Yet these people have run of the place?

Are they contracted with the county to register the “homeless” to vote?

Folks, we have the largest homeless center in the country! Do you understand what a big business this is for the “theys” here and across the country tied to the “theys” here?

How does our little county defend the need for this approaching 200 million-dollar black hole of despair and money? How do they defend the need for the largest homeless center in the COUNTRY!?! Larger than NY, LA, SF, WTH!

How in the world does our little county justify this?

This is big business, folks. Why do they want this county to be “welcoming”? Is it because they are paid per bed, per head, per voter? No voter ID, no signature verification, no cleansing of the voter rolls, no hand counting and inspection of the ballots and filled-in bubbles alongside the machine counts, what could possibly go wrong…

Folks, the county has some explaining to do. Do you agree?

For those who want to see the ties from the “non-partisan” Faith In Action to the WEF, Soros groups, etc., here you go:

Who is Faith In Action?

The World Economic Forum’s Faith in Action initiative is a global 501(c)(3) Nonprofit that convenes religious leaders, faith-based organizations, and other stakeholders to foster a specific narrative.

Formerly known as the Pacific Institute for Community Organization (PICO National Network), which was founded in 1972 by John Baumann, it is the largest far-left progressive grassroots network with over 1,000 “congregations” in more than 200 cities and towns across the US, Haiti, Central America, Africa, and Northern Europe.

Baumann founded the organization based on Saul Alinsky’s communist manifesto “Rules for Radicals,” social justice principles revived by indirect associations with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and radical Democrat political agendas. Alinsky inspired the Occupy movement campaign for climate control, which was inspired by the 2009 Iranian Green Movement, where after an election scandal occurred, citizens who spoke up were suppressed, raped, beaten, arrested, and tortured, and even children were horrifically victimized by Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

Faith In Action claims their mission is to “increase access to healthcare, improve schools, safe neighborhoods, build affordable housing, redevelop communities, and revitalize democracy.”

  • They want illegal immigrants to have full citizenship and to vote in US elections.
  • They are staunch advocates of universal healthcare.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are their cornerstone, as are National Diversity hires.

Who funds them?

Far-left nonprofits who utilize federal grants:

The Ford Foundation;

George Soros’ far-left Democracy Alliance, where he is a member and funder;

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Faith In Action targets low-income communities to foster their initiatives, and their affiliates lobby Congress, the US Treasury, and the FDIC. Their IRS Form 990 for 2021 indicates they are heavily funded, and have approximately $32 million in Assets.

Their motto:We Stand In Rebellion”.

Nevada’s Faith in Action Headquarters is located in Sparks, Nevada, and the executive director is Shaunda Johnson. Their website follows a staunch ESG approach of Environmental, Social, and Governance – including protecting criminals, using taxpayer dollars to financially support illegal migrants, allowing non-citizens of the United States to vote, disallowing the Caucus in Nevada, and removing criminal records from the system, all in the name of “democracy.”

Maybe Faith In Action should change their name to Faith In Soros? What do you think?

Does this seem nonpartisan to you? Hitler was proclaimed to be non-partisan as well. I wonder if he and his pal Soros (a real-life Nazi as shown on 60 Minutes) are laughing all the way to our ROV Headquarters, as his people are in there too.

Do you understand what’s happening here, folks? Do you understand what our so-called servants are doing and serving yet? Do you see how our election system and the Secretary of State Aguilar, a Soros-funded servant, are running it all yet?

It’s an easy solution. Get involved, call out the BS to the Secretary of State (SOS), and to  County Commissioners Android and Hill. Also, tell Commissioner Clark and Herman to stand up to Hill, Brown, and Android, demanding that the election integrity resolution be added as the BCC 5.5 entitles them to be placed on the agenda. Commissioners Clark and Herman should no longer be the piñatas of the cabal. It’s time they demand 5.5 be adhered to.



We’re out of time, folks. Get involved now, or never complain again when you lose it all.

Know we can win and will win, If you decide to get involved, I promise.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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