So many whine and complain about how things are broken, from their armchairs. Where’s their courage, where’s their love for family and country?

It’s easy to say something is broken, but why don’t we fix it instead?

It starts with you, people you know, people you recruit. We have upcoming elections in June and filing for candidacy in March.

There are positions across the state up for election, re-election, etc.

Had enough? Get involved!

It’s really frustrating when people all look to one person to save them, including Christ! James 2:17 tells us faith without action is dead. Plato tells us to get involved in politics or be ruled by evil men and women. You sure see that, don’t you?

We have 4 school board seats up for election in Washoe. You know I’m a two-trick political pony; I believe the kids and what they are taught decide who our future leaders, workers, servants, etc., will be. What they are being taught now is total crap, turning them into victims and oppressors, which is what a group does when it wants to tear down a country, not build it up. I believe elections being free and fair for all legal voters is paramount, and if we have the right people in the right places, they’ll do the right things up and down the issues we face. Those two items are my focus, and I believe if everyone focused on these primarily, it would solve all the other issues they try to solve, from open borders, sex trafficking, fentanyl, you name it!

In fact, if we don’t fix these broken issues, you can’t fix any of the other issues as you’re looking to the corrupt and evil to suddenly do just and moral things. It will never happen.

It’s time people get off the couch and get involved. We’re all busy, but saving our family and country is worth it. Besides, these political offices probably pay better than most any job most have, and they don’t even have to break the law to make that kind of money!

Most of these offices only meet 2-3 times a month! There’s no excuse not to get involved if they-YOU really put God, family, and country first.

Quit waiting for someone to save you and save yourself, your family, county, and country by running for office or at least helping those who do.


Filing Date March 4 – 15, 2024
Offices to run for:

Candiate Application and information:

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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