Well, folks, we’ve seen some movement on my lawsuit suing the county servants in their personal and official positions.

I have filed dozens of pleadings, they are all here:


In a nutshell, we caught these people dead to rights breaking numerous laws. Rubber Stamp Russell, the judge in Carson City, dismissed my case with prejudice, allowed the defense to write the orders, filled them with lies and B.S., and then he rubber-stamped them.

I appealed to the Supreme Court, and on Friday, a few things happened. They acknowledged all my exhibits are now at the Supreme Court, which makes them public record forever.

Secondly, they granted an Amicus Brief that was filed by Oscar Williams, Janice Hermsen, Olena Alexander, and David Chamberlain. It is now part of the case as well and is also in support of my lawsuit.

Third, the Supreme Court agreed to expedite its ruling on my case as their schedule will allow.

See the full order here:

What does this mean?

It means the Supreme Court did the right thing; they agreed to hear my case, they agreed to add my exhibits to the record, and agreed to rule on my case much sooner rather than later.

What we know is so far they are doing the right things; we also know there is zero chance if they follow case law and the constitution that I lose this appeal.

They’ve done all the right things so far; let’s pray they keep doing the right things. We’ll know soon enough.

Buckle in; this has been a wild ride, and it’s far from over.


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