The notorious Judge Russell of Carson City District Court 1, we are told, is retiring. Sources in the Government state he has asked Governor Lombardo to appoint his replacement this June.

Russell is retiring shortly after fellow election denier Judge Wilson announced his retirement. The two highest-ranking judgeships for statewide election cases, being both Russell and Wilson, will now have replacements.

Russell gets his name “Rubber Stamp Russell” as it appears every election issue case that comes before him via a conservative or Republican is stamped dismissed, usually with prejudice.

What’s worse is he allows the defense to write the court orders filled with lies, BS, propaganda, and such, then rubber stamps them as well! The dude is a disgrace to the robe, just like I told him to his face, in “our” courtroom he loiters in.

Others say this as well, but speaking solely from experience with him, he refuses to meaningfully look at the evidence and simply rubber stamps “dismissed” on the case, sending it to the Supreme Court.

He will not be missed by most, if any.

It’s been said he will stay on until around June, training his replacement… that’s terrifying, right? The last thing we need is another rubber stamper who refuses to follow the case law, constitution, and NRCPs like he did with my case.

Governor Lombardo has the opportunity to appoint a solid, moral, constitutional judge; hopefully, he does a far better job this time than he did appointing the Democrat Operative posing as a Republican, Commissioner Andriola.

Speaking for people everywhere who just want the facts of the cases weighed, measured, and judged properly based on the case law, constitution, and NRCPs, so long Rubber Stamp Russell, you won’t be missed.

All eyes are on the Supreme Court right now with my case in front of them. If they follow the constitution, case law, and NRCPs, it’s impossible I lose. So far, I’m impressed with the NV Supreme Court in how they’ve handled my case. I’d love to be a cheerleader for them, and the best part is all they have to do is follow the case law, NRCPs, and constitution, and rule accordingly, that’s it.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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