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I often hear wild rumors circulating about me in our county. I wonder if you’ve heard them too?

People seem to want to paint me as this power-hungry figure who wants to control everything, including the county itself, or that I dream of having an army of servants at my beck and call. They even claim that I’m against development, infrastructure improvements, or any kind of change. But let’s set the record straight, shall we?

First, I have three conditions when I give candidates from ALL parties money. 1, Follow God. 2, Follow the Constitution. 3, Follow their hearts. That’s it. Most of these people never hear from me again once they cash the check. I never ask them for anything outside of the three conditions above. I believe if we have good people in office, they will do good things for us all. Period.

With development, I’m all in favor of responsible development. I believe that our community should grow in a way that benefits everyone and ensures a prosperous future.

I advocate for safe housing for all because everyone deserves a place to call home and raise their families, and retire safely.

Infrastructure is crucial, and I support initiatives to improve transportation and communication across our county and state.

Take, for instance, Lemmon Valley – I think it’s high time we built a proper sewer plant there.

Our roads need an upgrade, and I’m all for better transportation options.

I have a vision for our airport, too. Moving it further out and repurposing the existing space for housing, services, and businesses would be a great move.

I dream of making Downtown Reno a destination location. I want it to be a place that attracts visitors and encourages them to spend money in our community.

We need to address crime, homelessness, and our schools. Our elections should be fair, and our seniors should be taken care of, not taken advantage of.

My approach is all about responsible spending and putting our community’s needs first, not about becoming some kind of ruler.

I want to clarify that I’m not running for office, nor do I have any desire to. That would be a last resort, if ever. I don’t aspire to be a king or hold any grand titles. My focus in the political realm is quite straightforward, really.

I’m primarily concerned about two things: the education system and the election system.

I believe our children are our future, and they deserve an education that equips them with the skills and knowledge needed to become successful, productive adults. I’m not a fan of the current trends in education that seem to be turning students into entitled social justice warriors. We should be teaching them things that truly matter.

And when it comes to elections, I’m a firm believer in fairness. I want our elections to be open and fair for all legal voters, not manipulated or turned into mere selections.

I genuinely believe that if we have the right people in the right offices, they’ll do the right things, and many, if not all of our county’s problems will be resolved. Does any of this sound like a crazy right-wing agenda to you?

I invite you to watch these videos to get a clearer picture of where I stand. Afterward, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you think I’m a crazy right-wing extremist, or do you believe that they’re lying to you for whatever their reasons maybe?

Watch the short 6-minute video here:

Watch the full-length 20-minute video here:

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The media will never cover this; they treat you like mushrooms, keep you in the dark, and feed you crap. So, I may be crude, I may not be that eloquent, but I’m here to wake you up and get you involved, not win poetry lessons or teach lessons in diversity, equity, and inclusivity. I’m here for you and your family and mine. I have had enough of this insanity plaguing our country and county and think just maybe, you have too…

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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