IT STARTS TODAY! A Critical Call to Action for Aspiring Judges


Candidacy Filing Starts TODAY and ENDS 1/12/24 at 5 PM! 

As the window to declare candidacy for judgeships in Nevada rapidly approaches, running from January 2nd to January 12th at 5 PM, an urgent call to action echoes across the state. This brief filing period, curiously out of sync with other electoral races that allow for more extended filing and candidate recruitment, raises questions. However, our focus remains steadfast on a more pressing issue: the integrity and role of our judiciary.

The judiciary serves as our last bastion of peaceful defense against tyrannical governments and their unjust laws. Our Founding Fathers harbored a deep-seated fear of judicial perversion, recognizing that unequal application of the law signals the downfall of nations. True justice is blind, equitable for all, unswayed by the whims of the day. It’s a stark warning against twisting legal interpretations to suit fleeting interests, setting dangerous precedents that are challenging to reverse. Our Constitution functions effectively only when those in power wield it with morality and integrity. It fails in the hands of the immoral or when neglected.

Significant victories, including the pushback against overreaching lockdowns, mandatory masks, and the defense of our Second Amendment rights, have been won in the courts. This highlights the critical role judiciary plays in upholding our freedoms. However, a glaring need has emerged in Nevada and across the nation for judges who prioritize the Constitution over personal gains, political aspirations, or financial incentives.

While Nevada boasts commendable judges, it is undeniable that the state also suffers from judges who seem compromised, potentially swayed by corrupt influences. This scenario is not unique to Nevada but is a national concern. Thus, this blog post serves as a rallying cry for lawyers with a steadfast commitment to the Constitution, who can administer blind justice impartially, and who place the interests of the people above their own. Nevada needs you.

For aspiring candidates, the Secretary of State’s website provides detailed procedures for running for judgeships across all 17 counties, Carson City, and even includes three seats in the Supreme Court up for reelection. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

I urge you to share this post widely. For those seeking guidance on running for office, requiring financial support, or campaign assistance, reach out to Our team is ready to assist with introductions and any support we can legally provide.

To put it bluntly, the current trajectory of our courts threatens the very fabric of America. This is not an exaggeration or hyperbole. The preservation of our nation hinges on the integrity of our judiciary.

Lawyers of Nevada, the state needs you. This is a pivotal moment to step forward and make a difference. Your action today can shape the course of justice and freedom for generations to come.


Candidacy Filing Starts TODAY and ENDS 1/12/24 at 5 PM! 

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Seats are up for all counties and 3 Supreme Court seats too!

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