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In this post, I just wanted to make you aware that we have uploaded new court documents to the Carson City case. Check them out here. It makes for some very eyebrow-raising reading. This is the case where Judge Russell threw out the rulebook and law, and dismissed my case with prejudice, then hit me for $100,000 in fees. This is the same case I have appealed to the Nevada Supreme Court, where we will all see if they will defend the rule of law or show us Nevada is now lawless when it comes to elections.

If the Supreme Court follows the law, I have zero doubt I will win the appeal.

Then we can proceed with the case and hopefully add some sanity and law back into the election process, as most Nevadans want.

I think you all should see what the Washoe County District Attorney’s office has done. They are the ones defending the 3 public officers I have sued. So right there, you have to stop and realize the public servants whom I’m suing for harming me and you, whose tax dollars are paid by me and you, are defended by our County District Attorney’s office, which is funded by me and you, and is supposed to protect me and you. If that wasn’t crazy enough. They are the ones who actually write the court orders, which state what a lawsuit is about and what the court rules. Then, the judge just signs it. Stop and think about that for a second. The people we pay to defend us are used against us. Then they write out what they want the world to read and the judge to do about a case, and then the judge signs it. My case is filled with thousands of pages of proof and evidence, yet it all just gets dismissed as “conspiracy theory” as the opposing counsel gets to write whatever they want about the case in the court orders, and then the judge just signs them.

Obviously, I am appealing it all to the Supreme Court, but know when you read the court rulings shown in the media or on the court’s website, that all was drafted by the DA’s office, not the judge, not a third party, but by opposing counsel. Did you know that?

Then, the DA’s office says their time is worth $375 an hour, like local firms.

It’s funny, one of the local firms charges $650 per hour but discounts their time to $375 per hour, so they feel they are entitled to $375 an hour as well.

So the DA’s office has now become a for-profit litigation and attorney’s office, it appears.

Forget the fact that the defense makes $60-81 per hour, they now can charge $375 per hour like real law firms.

So, they get paid by us via a paycheck, then get paid by us to defend public officers sued for malfeasance, then get to write the court orders, then get to charge what an attorney firm would to then sanction me in fees, since they couldn’t sanction me under their defense.

I wrote a check for the full amount and sent it to them. I’m committed to making sure our servants are held accountable, and our elections are fair for all. But I thought you should all know that what we have happening in Washoe County with our DA’s office, our public servants, our judges, our courts, and the fact the court orders are drafted by the very people I’m suing, the judge just rubber stamps, is straight out of what our founding fathers fought against the crown and why we have America, not some British-owned island.

We’ve become a banana republic in Washoe County. Let’s see if the Supreme Court of Nevada does what’s right and follows the law. If they do, we all win; if they don’t, well, Nevada is no longer part of America.

Check out the filings here; you can see theirs and mine.

On a happier note, know that you’re all seeing behind the curtain to how things really work, not what these people say. You’re seeing the media, our servants, and our courts all in cahoots to ensure public servants have no duty to follow the law and no consequences for breaking it, and anyone who points out what is really happening, they all work together to paint them as crazy.

It’s not working anymore; people are waking up, and all these people are now being exposed.

Remember their names.


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