Voter rolls are the foundation for all our election metrics. Where we send ballots, how many people vote, what percentage of parties show up, vote, etc. If they are not accurate, if the rolls are not clean, none of the election data we hear on the news or reported at the county levels are accurate either. Dirty rolls account for millions and millions of dollars in wasted taxpayer dollars, not to mention a growing lack of trust in the entire voting system as a whole.

Why, then, would the County not want clean voter rolls?

You can see the law here states that they must maintain clean voter rolls.

You can see the email exchange here in which I provided them with information on over 11,400 voters, the corresponding data, and proof that, according to the county’s tax records, these voters are receiving ballots at addresses not legally authorized to receive ballots. I could have given them information on over 40,000, but I first wanted to see if they would address the issue with the 11,400.
You can see here they stated they would address it, mentioning it would take them 90 days. It’s been over 250 days now, and the issues with the 11,400 have never been addressed, let alone the over 40,000 issues that still need to be investigated.
You can see that in the 2022 general election, they reported a total of 194,754 votes. So, if 11,400 people voted illegally, or if someone voted illegally on their behalf, that could mean that as much as 5.85% of the votes could be problematic. If there are 40,000 illegal voters, the percentage could be as high as 20.54%.
You can see that in just this one race, for the Mayor of Sparks seat, it was determined by a margin of 734 votes, or a 2.21% difference. With 11,400 problematic voters, it could have affected this race by as much as 34.38%.

This is one more reason why I sued the county.

You can see in their declaration that they state there are no gross voter roll issues.
Does that seem honest to you?

In this example, these problematic votes could potentially undermine any or all elections in Washoe County.

What’s the harm in cleaning the rolls, as the law states?

What’s the harm in removing people from the rolls who shouldn’t be there?

Even in the highly unlikely event that someone was accidentally removed from the rolls, they could still vote, as Nevada allows voters to register and vote on the same day as the election.

So, if the rolls could affect elections by 5 to over 20%, do you think they should clean our voter rolls, or should the county allow them to stay dirty and potentially jeopardize every election and candidate’s race?

For those of you wondering why this really matters: The primary method the county uses to verify if the votes that come into the county are legitimate is through signature verification. But if the county isn’t conducting signature verification properly, then a large number of incorrect votes might be affecting the elections, resulting in the wrong person winning instead of the right one. But that’s a topic for a different post, coming soon.

Share this post with everyone you know, and let me know in the comments below if you think our voter rolls need to be cleaned up as the law requires.

Merry CHRISTmas, and let’s not forget what CHRISTmas is really all about.


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