I believe our elections must be legitimate as those who take the seats essentially run our lives and shape our world. Who takes office intimately affects each one of us, our kids, and grandkids. It’s important to me that your vote, and my vote, are counted equally and whoever gets the most legitimate votes, wins.

Not just in Washoe but across the US, we see things occurring that are illegal, that aren’t fair, that deprive us of our only voice to shape our world, our vote, and we are the ones called “right-wing conspiracy theorists.”

The same people calling us nuts for saying the elections have issues were the same people saying the same things in 2016. What people must realize is, that the current system isn’t fair for anyone. This must change.

Now, I want to give you one simple example out of the hundreds that I could show you. Then at the end, you tell me, am I nuts, like the media likes to say, or are the media and courts covering for criminals?

Here we go…

The law states our votes must be counted in full public view.

Nevada Revised Statutes and Nevada Administrative Code: N.R.S. 293.269931 § 1, 293.3606 § 1, 293.363 § 1, and N.R.S. 293B.353, 293B.354, 293B.380 § 2(a), N.R.S. 293.423 and N.A.C. 293.311 § 4.

The ballots have no names on them, so there is no fear of exposing who you voted for. So what’s the problem?

I and all Nevadans have court orders that I won in court, guaranteeing the county must count our votes in front of us.

(County court’s orders, Exhibit 72)

So why is every single vote in Washoe County being counted behind these closed doors?

Tell me, why, when a fellow Nevadan asked the county to open the doors and let us observe, they said no, that they are doing it the same way they did it last time.

This means the ROV fully admits they have been counting our votes in secret for at least one recount and one election.

Then the county lies and tells the Secretary of State they never did what you just saw.

So I sued them for me, you, and our families.
Then Judge Russell in Carson City 1st Judicial Court unlawfully threw out my case and refused to follow the law, or my court orders.
So now I’m appealing to the Supreme Court to see if they will follow the law, and uphold our rights, or sell us out as well.
So in this one example, you can see in a county of over 500,000 people, I’m the only one calling out the county for breaking the law. They counted all of our votes in secret. We can never verify what they say the results are. Meaning, we have to trust who they say wins, we can never verify it ourselves. We can never count the ballots, or the bubbles, even though they are totally anonymous. Does that sound legal? Doesn’t that seem crazy?

So what do you think? Am I a conspiracy theorist like the media states, or did I just call out their BS to wake YOU up to what’s really happening? This brief example is but only one of over a hundred issues I could show you.

All the issues we face, whether it’s your dollar buying less and less, open borders, horrible schools, war, etc., are all due to so-called elected officials who are doing the opposite of what you and I want. If you or I were in office, we would end this insanity in a day. So why don’t they?

It’s not complicated, if we have the right people in office they will do the right things, but we have to get our elections right first.

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