This morning, the Supreme Court of Nevada and The Washoe County District Attorney’s Office received my Opening Appellate Brief.

You can follow the case here.

As you’ll see, I filed the appeal and the initial paperwork on 11/30/23, 9 days after receiving the Court’s Orders. Today, I filed the meat of the appeal. It’s called an Appellate Opening Brief, and the defense (Washoe DA’s Office) will have 30 days to respond via what’s called a Respondent’s Brief.

Then I will file a Reply Brief to their Brief, and then we will see what the Supreme Court will do.

(You can learn about the procedures here)

Will they hear the appeal, follow the law? If so, we win. If not, well, our State is completely corrupt from the local level to the Supreme level, and everyone will see the traitors for themselves. We’ll see what they do.

It’s worth mentioning in Carson, two Judges’ seats will be up for election. Wilson, who retired, and Russell. Four people are being vetted to fill Wilson’s seat as he retires in January. That seat will have an appointee placed there by Governor Lombardo. 

Why are these two seats so important? 

They are the only 2 seats that can hear statewide election issues. This means these two sellouts to our constitution could be off in retirement land, and we could place two constitutional judges in their places. 

Further meaning, when evidence of election issues is presented to these two Judges, we could finally have justice.

I realize the elections are totally corrupt, but these two seats we can win in a day’s work. 

That’s not BS. 

We can take these seats back, and we will, even with the fraud in place, mark my words.

Look for the candidates that will be emerging soon.

Three Supreme Court seats will be up for re-election as well, more on this later.

In the meantime, to my Carson City fam, if you know any moral, constitutional lawyers who are interested in running for the two Carson seats, send me their info. We have a handful now interested, but I’d rather have more than we need than need more than we have.

On a local note, in Reno, Sparks, and Washoe, we have some heavy hitters about to enter the arena. These people can win the seats if we keep the rampant fraud to 20% or less.

This election is for all the marbles. If our elections are legit, watch how the corruption ends. Peacefully call out the election BS now, while we still can.

All eyes on Nevada.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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