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Just a brief update for you, I have figured out to the best of my abilities how to properly draft and file the needed Supreme Court Appeal.

Much of it was filed last week, and shortly the rest of it will be filed. There is no way if the Justices follow the rule of law we don’t win this appeal. If they, like Judge Russell, are corrupt, well, that’s a different story, and we will all witness together that the highest court of our land, in Nevada, has fallen as well.

Regardless, what I’m exposing strikes to the heart of the issues we are facing in this country. They steal the power and money through the elections, and then the courts cover for their cohorts and put their stamp of approval on the crimes.

None of your causes matter, none of you will ever win meaningful, lasting victories in any of your causes, whether it’s schools, drugs, borders, wars, etc. until we save our elections. It’s very simple, if we have the right people, in the right positions, they will do the right things. That means all your causes at that time will gain lasting victories, as the right people will simply do the right things.

However, until that day, until the day we have legitimate elections, none of your causes will ever bear meaningful fruit as you are literally pleading to the criminals for justice when they are the ones committing the crimes.

If we save the elections, we can save it all, if we can’t, it’s a wrap for America.

Keep up to date on my case, this exposes how they do it in Nevada and across the US, and what needs to happen to save it all.

It’s Supreme Court Case #87683

The link is here:


Just click the hyperlinks on the bottom far right to download the documents I drafted and filed.

All eyes on Nevada, we’ll soon see if the Supreme Court is corrupt, or if they will defend the rule of law and our constitution.

Place your bets, it is Nevada after all……….



Remember, if we have the right people, in the right positions, they will do the right things.

Then all your causes will be fruitful, until we save our elections, we can’t save anything else. It’s corrupt, but true. Speaking of corrupt, I saw two articles on Judge Russell, have you seen them? I recommend you read them and flood your Carson City neighbors and churches with the links. As well as the video proof of him selling us all out! He’s up for reelection, I know the elections are corrupt, but he was only elected by 3,000 or so votes, I can get those legally, in one day for the right candidate. Think about how insane that is, his rulings are the law for over 3 million people as his crap court is the only court that can hear statewide election issues! 3,000 votes, yet rules 3,150,000 people….He has to go.

Russell 1st Article


Russell 2nd Article


Watch Russell sell you and me out.


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