By now, you should know I tell the truth and damn the consequences. One day I have to answer to God; I won’t be caught telling Him I could have taken a stand, shown the crimes but didn’t out of fear for the loss of reputation, money, etc.

With that said, buckle up, because here is 100% proof using ONLY the County’s OWN certified data PROVING, Attorney General Ford and Mayor Schieve are illegitimate public officials.

That’s right, neither Ford nor Schieve should be in office. Am I saying they personally rigged their elections or even knew it happened? No. But did it happen? 100% yes, it did.

What does this mean? It means all of you who continue to look for people who voted for Ford or Schieve and scratch your heads as to why they won, now know why. Because it was rigged.

Who rigged it? Who cares. That’s not my or your job to figure out; it’s actually Attorney General Ford’s and Secretary of State Aguilar’s. But neither of them would remain in office if they admitted what really happened.

So while it’s not my or your job to tell you who did it, you will now see it was done.

For people who are scared of formulas and complex math, fear not. Simply use the layman’s formula to add, subtract, and multiply the county’s OWN certified data. It will show you that you can predict how every precinct in Washoe County voted. The only way this is possible is if you are a true psychic or there is a set percentage in the election system that, no matter how many votes come in, the predetermined winner will always win by that set percentage amount.

That’s literally the definition of rigged. Or in lawyer speak, a predetermined outcome that occurs regardless of inputs.

For all of you who helped Eddie Lorton run for Mayor or those who supported Sigal Chattah for Attorney General, know that your efforts mattered. You and they won. But it was stolen from us all. This is not hyperbole; this is fact.

Simply follow the links, send them to your best and brightest mathematicians, and have them do the math themselves. You, and they, will find I’m right once again.

Do you realize this is why they passed SB 406, so it scares you from speaking out for fear of being locked up for 4 years? Do you see why I and 3 others had to sue to ensure your voice is not lost for fear of unlawful prosecution?

Do you see why I had to sue the County, the ROV, the County Manager, The County Commission Chair? We have to save our elections, or all is lost.

The people who are supposed to be serving us are serving themselves; this is why they never should have been (s)elected.

This is a real problem, folks; this has to be addressed. You cannot stay silent; you must speak out, peacefully. It’s no coincidence our County and Country are circling the drain. It’s through elections they steal the power and our money.

It’s through the theft of our votes they accomplish their interests, not ours.

Speak up and out now or forever hold your peace.

Here is the precinct data the county certified; simply use this data and the formula to check for yourself every precinct in the county and see you can predict the outcomes.

Use this link to find the formula and instructions on how to use the county data. There are layman’s instructions in the link and soon the academic instructions, formulas, etc will be posted here too.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning this rig was very difficult to find. It took the great Edward Solomon all this time to unravel proof of how they did it. It’s a mixture of 2 races combined into one to create this rig they used. They used the Aaron Ford vs. Sigal Chattah and the Eddie Lorton vs. Hillary Schieve race to make this rig. It’s different from the others, where they just did a straight percentage rig across one race; here, they blended two races together. Why? I can speculate, but I won’t. It doesn’t matter why they did it, just that it happened.

So, for what it’s worth, congrats to my dear friends George Eddie Lorton and Sigal Chattah, and to all of us who helped them win, because they did win. It was just stolen from us all.

My lawsuit exposes all this and so much more. If we can save our elections, we can save it all.

Share this post with everyone you know and have them do the same.

Enough is enough, be apathetic and silent no more, be peaceful, be heard!



Notice we did several examples for you. Feel free to simply replicate the procedure in your precinct and see how they stole your vote from you there too.

Precinct data:

Layman’s Formula, examples, and explanation (6th grade level).

Academic formulas, examples, etc:

Will be released soon.

The Lawsuit Is Alive and Well!

Spread The Word, Show Up!

11/20/23 1:30 PM
Carson City

First Judicial Court
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Judge Russell

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