The media is definitely not our friend.

If you read the latest propaganda papers, they make it sound like our lawsuits are dead or dumb. This constant programming propaganda is, in fact, farthest from the truth.

They try to make this a Republican vs. Democrat “thing,” and it’s not. It’s an unaccountable government and an unaccountable media “thing” against all of us. All political parties are the victims here; We The People are the victims here. They want us divided so we don’t call out the people who are really destroying our way of life and country. If we can do that, if we can come together, it’s a wrap for the bad actors. And don’t think for a second they don’t know it. That’s why they perpetuate the divide as deep and wide as they can so we never have time to stop and say wait, who is really the cause of this all. Our neighbor or our self-serving servants and media?

I’ll give you the 30,000-foot view on both below.

Lawsuit against the Governor and Secretary of State Case No. 2:23-cv-01009-CDS-VCF

Our lawsuit, in which myself and 3 others are represented by Sigal Chattah, is suing Governor Lombardo and Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar. It was sent back to Sigal for amending.

This is good, not bad. The Honorable Judge Silva actually states in her ruling what Sigal must overcome to move forward with the lawsuit. This was done very well by the Honorable Judge. She doesn’t say the case is meritless; she says that Sigal must show the plaintiffs have standing to bring the lawsuit forward. This is easy to do. In fact, it makes our case rock solid once she files her amended complaint.

In lawsuits, if the plaintiff makes a mistake or lacks one of the needed prongs to bring forth a lawsuit, the law clearly states that “leave to amend” shall be freely given.

In a nutshell, this means if the complaint needs to be corrected, the court will freely grant the plaintiff permission to make the changes, then resubmit the complaint.

Obviously, we would love to have the complaint done, meeting all the needed prongs to be successful upon the initial submittal, but at least it’s not thrown out with prejudice, meaning the judge throws out a case and then says under no circumstance can you bring the complaint back again claiming the same issues.

Obviously, that’s not what happened, so once Sigal refiles the complaint this week with the needed changes, we’re off to the races, and God willing, we will prevail and secure YOUR right to redress grievances to our public servants. The way SB 406 is currently written, if you simply object to how an election observer or worker is doing their job, or God forbid, sue them, or challenge their data, you could find yourself in jail for 4 years as they could call that harassment.

The media fails to mention any of this; they instead try to paint us as crazy right-wing extremists when really this affects all people and parties. This is a way to stifle any opposition to what they say is true in our elections, hoping to shut us up and just take what they say as truth with no verification, transparency, or accountability.

SB 406 must be struck down, then the legislature can reword it to where it actually defines what Harassment means. Right now, it could mean simply asking a worker to follow the law means harassment, and off to jail you go. This is America, not China. If this stands, we have lost our right to any accountability and transparency for fear of prosecution. All people should be against this. Shame on the media for failing to say what this is really about. There are tons of existing laws preventing people from hurting others; this is simply to shut us up about the election issues 80% of us know we have.

Beadles VS Jamie Rodriguez Et al Case No.: 23 OC 00105 1B

In this lawsuit, I personally brought it Pro Se, meaning in my own capacity, without a BAR certified attorney. This means it’s me against the district attorney, all our tax dollars, all our resources, and most likely the attorney general and secretary of state as well. Basically, it’s me against the entire system funded by our tax dollars that is supposed to be working for us, not against us. It’s sad, but that’s the state of Nevada we’re currently dealing with. I did this for many reasons, which I need not touch on here for brevity, none of which have to do with money.

I filed this case on 8/4. I have filed more pleadings than I can count, responses, drafting court orders, etc. It’s a ton of work, but our voice is worth it. If we lose it, we lose it all.

I was granted a change of venue that I made a motion for, but instead of it being sent to Lyon County, they sent it to Carson City, which is more biased based on facts, not opinions, than Washoe County. Simply, I won’t get a fair hearing in Carson City; it’s impossible.

So on 11/20 at 1:30 pm in Carson City District 1 Department 1, I’ll be arguing in person against all the defendants and their defense to change the venue to a neutral county. If the Honorable Judge Russell simply follows the law, we will be granted the change of venue again. If not, I may be arguing as well against their motion to dismiss and their motion for sanctions. Yes, that’s right, they filed a motion to fine and sanction me for simply bringing the truth out into the public sphere via a lawsuit. I’m pro se; that should tell you all you need to know about the priorities of our county.

One would hope I would bring my allegations to the court, a jury would then decide if I am right or wrong. If I’m wrong, then I should have my case dismissed and possibly have to pay for the District attorney’s time if my allegations are completely meritless.

That obviously is not the case. I only have brought forth claims we can prove, some now, some through discovery, but bottom line, we know what happened and who did what. It is in the interest of all Washoe residents to hear the truth, not to have the truth die in the darkness due to fear tactics perpetuated by the DA’s office or worse by a judge who doesn’t follow the rule of law.

We’ll see what happens in both these cases. Both of these cases are critical to having free and fair elections, with transparency and accountability into the way they are conducted and consequences for any who break the law.

This is in the best interest of all of us. It’s sad the media refuses to cover this simple truth.

If I’m nuts, and all my evidence and witnesses are too, this should be an easy win for them. However, I would never put my name and resources on the line if I wasn’t 100% right.

Come support me on 11/20. Tell your friends, neighbors, democrats, republicans alike; this affects us all. If we have no transparency and no accountability in our elections, we no longer have a county, state, or country. It’s a wrap.

Stand up peacefully and support your right to have your vote count legitimately, before they take your ability to say anything away.

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Spread The Word, Show Up!

1:30 PM
Carson City

First Judicial Court
Department 1
Judge Russell

885 East Musser Street
Carson City, Nevada 89701

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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