This coming Thursday, we need to make our voices heard. I will touch on a few things; if I addressed each one, it would require me to write you a book. The bottom line is: see past the fuzz of all the things they are trying to do and get back to the basics.

Thursdays Agenda

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Why is it important to make your voice heard? 

They will be discussing for action 11 regulations or more that deal directly with our worst-in-the-nation election processes. They will be discussing the Presidential Caucus, hand counting of ballots methods, and so much in between. I’ll give you a brief rundown below.

Here is what they plan to discuss for action:

You will see hyperlinks next to each item they want to pass. You will see it is bombarded with new legalese, all short of definitions, all short of transparency.

For example, it states for hand counting, “Sections 4 and 11 of this regulation require a county or city clerk conducting a hand count to establish a sufficient number of hand count tally teams, which must consist of at least four election board officers, who must not all be of the same political party. Sections 4 and 11 further require, to the extent practicable, that at least one election board officer on each hand count tally team be a registered voter whose political affiliation is nonpartisan.”

This means the ROV, which can be overseen by the SOS, will pick the “election board officers.” Who are these people? It states made up of different parties, but we saw that in the last elections, they didn’t adhere to this.

This is just another way for them to control every aspect while pretending they are giving us the much-wanted hand count. It could be 3rd party companies doing this the way it’s written.

They are making this more and more complicated, and God only knows the cost.

Don’t let them overcomplicate things; don’t let them blow the costs of this into the stratosphere.

It’s simple: they mail out ballots to everyone, and people need to vote in their own precincts. All of this out-of-precinct voting is unconstitutional as shown here:

  • Vote centers
    Out-of-precinct polling on election day ruled discriminatory by U.S. Supreme Ct, Brnovich v. DNC, No.19-1257 and Arizona Republican Party v. DNC, No. 19-1258.
    • Justice Alito maintained that it was “very easy to vote” under Arizona’s current process and that expecting state residents to identify their correct polling location and then travel to that location did “not exceed the ‘usual burdens of voting.’”
  • Equal access to polls, Nev. Const. Art 2 Sec 1A (9).

Want even more proof of their proposed lack of transparency? Here is an example of how they are adding even less transparency to our elections. Now, we can have anonymous people transport ballots, etc.

How does this help with transparency? Now, we have no clue who is transporting ballots, VVPATs, etc.

I urge you to read each hyperlink, and read all of what they are proposing to make law. How does all this help us? It just adds more and more levels of red tape, multiple meanings, and confusion.

We used to have Election Day, where we knew the winners 2 hours after the polls closed. Now, we have an election 6 weeks and change, and the results are the furthest from trustworthy.

The more bureaucracy they add, the less we can trust the system.

We have to get back to the basics. In life, technology is wonderful; with our votes, technology is not to be trusted. It takes the process out of the public’s hands and puts it in control of the 1-5 people who then tell us the results we can never verify. Our founders are rolling in their graves.

Tens of millions of dollars they spend on 100,000 votes in just Washoe County. Clark County is just as bad, if not worse. It’s ridiculous. You can trust an election in the hands of thousands of us; we cannot trust the election in the hands of 1-5 people behind closed doors.

See for yourself; they admit it in Washoe County: all of our votes were counted in secret. It’s all a facade, folks; we do not have free and fair elections. Just watch the video. They “count” the votes behind closed doors, then come out 6 weeks later and tell us who won. We can never verify what they say is true.

Currently, all the votes are brought to one location and counted in secret. 1-5 people tell us the results, but we can never verify what they say is true. We must put our elections back in the hands of the people.

So many gave their lives for our precious right of suffrage; they are rolling in their graves with the system we have now. We cannot trust it. If we put it back in the hands of “we the people,” we can trust it. Over a thousand of “we the people,” as volunteers, can do this. We have over 5,000 volunteers in Washoe alone! It will save the County and taxpayers tens of millions of dollars while giving us trustworthy elections that we and our founders would be proud of.

So what do we do and say?

It’s simple, here is our rally cry:

  1. Clean our voter rolls. Remove 3rd party voter roll companies.
  2. Remove the use of voting and tabulating machines, use the paper ballots we’re mailed.
  3. Vote in person, on election day, count our votes, and report our votes by legal voters in our own precincts.

For Thursday’s call, we focus on simply saying:

We don’t need all these proposed changes.

  • We will use the Mass-Mail Out Ballots as our paper ballot.
  • We will vote on Election Day.
  • We will not use voting machines or vote counting machines.
  • We will vote in our own precinct.
  • In precincts that have less than 300 voters, we will use the County Commissioner District locations in our District.
  • We will use volunteers; they must be registered voters from their own precincts, of equal party representation, who will publicly count our votes and then report our votes to the ROV.
  • The ROV will post the election results as per their normal methods.
  • After the ROV posts the results, each precinct will post its election results.
  • Polling locations will be state-owned locations such as libraries, schools, gyms, etc.
  • It is in the best interest of the voter to vote where they live.
  • It is unconstitutional to require voters to vote outside of their precinct as shown in:

U.S. Supreme Ct, Brnovich v. DNC, No.19-1257 and Arizona Republican Party v. DNC, No. 19-1258.

  • We will hold our Presidential Caucuses the way they have always been held. No one party will determine how we choose our President. Each party will choose the method in which they approve to pick their president.

Additionally, if they require machines to be used, require that hand counting be done alongside the machines. This way, we can compare the two. This way, if there is a recount or audit, we can audit via hand, not just machine. The NRS states a recount must be done in the method in which the votes were tabulated. So, we need to have hand counts by “we the people,” not “them”; otherwise, we are always at the mercy of taking their results with no way of verifying “them.” Currently, Reagan is rolling over in his grave when he said, “Trust, but verify.” In Clark and Washoe, we can do neither! Be heard, and peaceful.

Know, everything I just mentioned above the County Commissioners can enact, TODAY! They have the power throughout the NRS, as stated in the articles I posted in the P.S. section.

As to the mass mail-in of votes, and the now 6-week election process, that will require the courts or legislature, everything else I mentioned above the County Commissioners can make happen TODAY.

Don’t get caught diving into the weeds, and don’t let them make it complicated. It must be simple for the average voter to understand, our current election system is not that.

Stick to the basics, all this proposed bureaucracy will only make our elections less transparent and trustworthy.

Be peaceful, be respectful, be heard.

Call in, or show up:

Legislative Commission (NRS 218E.150)

Date and Time of Meeting: Thursday, September 28

10:00 a.m.

Place of Meeting:

Grant Sawyer State Office Building, Room 4401

555 East Washington Avenue

Las Vegas, Nevada

To dial in to provide testimony during this period of public comment in the meeting, any
time after 9:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 28, 2023: Dial: (888)475-4499 When prompted to provide your Meeting ID, please enter: 823 7147 4284 then press # When prompted for a Participant ID, please enter # To resolve any issues related to dialing in to provide public comment for this meeting, please call (775) 684- 6990.

We are pleased to make reasonable accommodations for members of the public with a disability. If special arrangements or accommodations for the meeting are necessary, please notify us by email or by phone at (775) 684-6903 as soon as possible. Supporting materials for this meeting can be found at the Legislative Commission’s website located at Materials will be uploaded as soon as feasibly possible after receipt. Copies of materials may be requested from Jordan Haas, Commission Secretary, by email (at, phone (at (775) 684-6830) or mail (at 401 S. Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701). If you wish to have written testimony or other documentation included as an exhibit in the minutes of the meeting with your comments, please provide a physical copy by mail or an electronic copy by email or fax (at (775) 684-6761) to the Commission Secretary.



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