What can we do today to correct 80% of the issues and fraud within our counties’ election system?

It’s actually remarkably simple, but for obvious reasons, most of our servants don’t want to do this. It would increase transparency and accountability to the entire election process for all Nevadans.

What crook would want that? None.

What good servant would? All.

Simple, right?

We are one vote away, just one vote away from saving Washoe’s election system.

Who are the good? The bad? The ugly?

Our Super Servants, Commissioner Herman, and Commissioner Clark, would do this.

We know Commissioner Hill and Garcia would never do this.

Then that brings us to the so-called Republican who seems to always vote with the Democrats, Clara Andriola.

She is that one vote, the one vote that could save our elections and our county.

Will she vote for this? If past actions are indicative of future expectations, that’s a solid NO then. 

What I fail to understand is how any women’s group or so-called Republicans could ever support or say a kind thing about Andriola again, if she fails to vote to save our elections and our county.

Would you support her if she sold out you, your family, and your way of life by allowing these elections to remain rigged?

I know I surely won’t. I doubt if you love your family and county you won’t either.

So here’s the deal, I’m going to show you right now how we can save our elections, our county, and every other important project you have, by Andriola voting yes.

People fail to realize all their efforts continually fall short because they fail to address our underlying condition: rigged elections. You see, you can’t save the kids, the schools, the borders, the economy, troops, our way of life, etc., while the elections remain rigged.

Every time you have a compelling case to remove a book from the library, save our kids from CRT, save our country from war, open borders, the printing of money, embezzlement of tax dollars, etc., the people you go to for help do the opposite of what’s needed. Why?

Many of these people steal their power through stolen elections and then appoint their fellow cronies to do their bidding in perpetuity.

So until people put saving the elections first and their projects second, they will NEVER be successful.

80% of folks believe we have election issues; the deniers are the 20% who say we don’t. You know we do; CV23-01341 shows it. Stop being silent and stand up before things like SB406 and others kneecap you and your voice forever. Now is the time. Get off the fence while you still have a fence to sit on.

Here we go.

These three things will save 80% of our elections. In the next post, I will show you the other 20% and how we get there. This is very simple to do and will save tens of millions of dollars while increasing our trust in elections by 80%. Anyone against this is ignorant or corrupt. That simple.

  1. Clean our voter rolls. Remove 3rd party voter roll companies.
  2. Remove the use of voting and tabulating machines, use the paper ballots we’re mailed.
  3. Vote in person, on election day, count our votes, and report our votes by legal voters in our own precincts.

That’s it. That’s the 80%.

We can codify this into law in one day. Commissioner Herman, Clark, and Andriola can do this at the next properly notified meeting.

All of this is allowed by NRS, case law, and authorities. I’ve attached some below for you. This does not require the legislature or courts. Sure, they may be sued by Soros-type groups, but this is undeniably better for all legal voters.

Andriola needs to be peacefully reminded she has the power to save our county and our elections. Folks need to stop attacking Tracey Hilton Thomas and Tom Green and focus on peacefully calling out the Andriola issues. Both Thomas and Green are light years better than Andriola. That should be the focus.

All the projects you’re working on will never be truly successful until you save the elections. It’s the root cause of all our issues. Save our elections; we save it all. It’s that simple.

Look for the upcoming resolution; support it above all other causes. Peacefully remind Andriola she can be the hero or the villain.

Ask yourself, who would be against the convenience and trust of voting in your own neighborhoods, by paper ballot, counted by your neighbors, and reported by your neighbors?

Who would be against saving tens of millions of dollars for just over 100,000 actual votes, which a large percentage are unlawful?

Who would be against counting votes in our own neighborhoods vs. 1-5 people behind closed doors who then tell us the results we can never verify?

Who would be against using machines that we can never verify what they say or do is accurate?

Who would be against fair and transparent elections?

It’s simple; anyone against this would be ignorant or corrupt.

What’s Andriola?

We’ll soon find out. Never forget.


This is NOT an all-encompassing list of the NRS or case laws, or even authorities that show the commissioners have the power to implement all the above issues, today if they want.

This should clearly show you how they can do it, if you peacefully persuade Andriola to do it. Pay close attention to anywhere, where it states “may” this is the opposite of shall, giving the commissioners “choice.” Words matter.

Counties in Nevada have the authority to choose the systems and methods used to cast, transport, record, count, tabulate, adjudicate, report, and store ballots:

Nev. Const. Art 2 Sec 6: Registration of electors; test of electoral qualifications.

Provision shall be made by law for the registration of the names of the Electors within the counties of which they may be residents and for the ascertainment by proper proofs of the persons who shall be entitled to the right of suffrage, as hereby established, to preserve the purity of elections, and to regulate the manner of holding and making returns of the same; and the Legislature shall have power to prescribe by law any other or further rules or oaths, as may be deemed necessary, as a test of electoral qualification.

Nev. Const. Art 4 Sec 20: Certain local and special laws prohibited. The legislature shall not pass local or special laws in any of the following enumerated cases—that is to say:

Regulating the election of county and township officers;

Providing for opening and conducting elections of state, county, or township officers, and designating the places of voting;

NRS 244.194: Boards of county commissioners may rent, lease or otherwise acquire voting or counting devices in whatever manner will best serve local interests.

NRS 293B.105 General authority.

The board of county commissioners of any county or the city council or other governing body of any city may purchase and adopt for use at elections any mechanical voting system and mechanical recording device. The system or device may be used at any or all elections held in the county or city, for voting, registering, and counting votes cast.

293B.110 Adoption of different systems or devices for different precincts or districts.

A mechanical voting system or mechanical recording device may be adopted for some of the precincts or districts in the same county or city, while the remainder of the precincts or districts in that county or city may be furnished with paper ballots or any other mechanical voting system or mechanical recording device.

N.R.S. 293.269925 Establishment of procedures for processing and counting mail ballots.

  1. The county clerk shall establish procedures for the processing and counting of mail ballots.
  2. The procedures established pursuant to subsection 1:

(a) May authorize mail ballots to be processed, verified and counted by computer or other electronic means;

N.R.S. 293.3075, 6. If the ballot is voted on a mechanical recording device which directly records the votes electronically, the election board officer shall. . . .

Exception to county choice, N.R.S. 293.2955:

  1. (a) (2) (IV) Equipped with a mechanical recording device which directly records the votes electronically and which may be used by a voter with a disability; and
  2. (b) Provide ballots in alternative audio and visual formats for use by a voter who is elderly or a voter with a disability; and
  3. (c) Provide, in alternative audio and visual formats for use by a voter who is elderly or a voter with a disability, all materials that are:

          (1) Related to the election; and

          (2) Made available to a voter in printed form at the polling place.

  1. As an alternative to carrying out the functions described in subsection 3, if, in the opinion of the county clerk, the needs of voters who are elderly or disabled requiring the use of specially equipped voting devices will be best served by placing such devices at centralized voting locations, the county clerk may so provide. If the county clerk provides for the placement of specially equipped voting devices at centralized locations, a voter who is elderly or disabled and requires the use of such a device to be able to cast a ballot without assistance may cast his or her ballot at any centralized voting location designated by the county clerk.

 Section 288.110 – Elections, Nev. Admin. Code § 288.110

“1. All elections conducted pursuant to chapter 288 of NRS will be conducted under the supervision of the Board or its agent.2.”


Section 293C.150 – Conduct of voting, Nev. Admin. Code § 293C.150

“The number of replacement ballots that may be issued to a voter who spoils his or her ballot may be decided, in good faith, by the election board. (b) The chair of the election board shall make a record of the cancelled ballots.”


“After the completion of an election: (a) In polling places in which a mechanical voting system is not used, ballot boxes must be returned by the chief law enforcement officer of the city or representative of the city clerk and placed by him or her in a secure storage area designated and provided by the city clerk. (b) In polling places in which a mechanical voting system is used, all ballots and paper records of VVPATs must be returned by the chief law enforcement officer of the city or representative of the city clerk and placed by him or her in a secure storage area designated and provided by the city clerk. 7.”


Section 293.160 – Conduct of voting, Nev. Admin. Code § 293.160

“1. The chair of the election board shall designate the officer of the election board who is to make the proclamation required pursuant to NRS 293.273. That officer shall make the proclamation at the entrance or inside of the polling place. 2.”


“The board of county commissioners shall prepare abstracts of votes on a form which was submitted by the county clerk to and approved by the Secretary of State. Nev. Admin. Code § 293.160 Sec’y of State, Conduct of Elections Reg. §§A-22 – A-34, eff. 2-28-80-NAC A 7-18-88; 3-22-94; R217-97, 5-26-98; R072-06, 7-14-2006; A by R089-21A, eff. 2/22/2022 NRS 293.124, 293.247, 293.273″


Section 293B.040 – Security of ballots, results cartridges and VVPATs, Nev. Admin. Code § 293B.040

“Except as otherwise provided in this subsection, each county clerk shall, not later than the 90th day before the primary election, submit to the Secretary of State for approval a plan to carry out the provisions of paragraph (l) of subsection 3 of NRS 293.247 concerning the procedures to be used to ensure the security of the ballots, results cartridges and VVPATs.”


Section 293B.090 – Testing of equipment and programs; reporting and correction of certain errors; use of mechanical recording devices which directly record votes electronically, Nev. Admin. Code § 293B.090

“170, inclusive, the county clerk in a county using a mechanical voting system shall ensure that each mechanical recording device which directly records votes electronically, each VVPAT and the automatic tabulating equipment and programs to be used in the election will accurately record the votes cast for all offices and on all measures by completing the tests required pursuant to this section and chapter 293B of NRS.2.”


Section 293.250 – Procedures after voting, Nev. Admin. Code § 293.250

“The chair of an election board is responsible for the safe delivery of the ballots and VVPATs to the central place designated by the county clerk for the counting of ballots, except that a ballot pick-up board, if established, is responsible for the delivery.4.”


Section 293.480 – [Effective through 12/31/2023] Requirements; participation in pilot program for 2022 Primary Election and 2022 General Election, Nev. Admin. Code § 293.480

“That has conducted a risk-limiting audit of a previous election may conduct a risk limiting audit of the 2022 Primary Election. (c) Must conduct a risk-limiting audit of the 2022 General Election. 3.”


“Each county clerk conducting a risk-limiting audit of an election shall randomly select one race for countywide office to be audited at the election using a method determined by the county clerk in which all races for countywide office on the ballot at the election have an equal chance of being selected. The county clerk must notify the Secretary of State which race for countywide office has been selected for the risk-limiting audit at least 15 days before the date of the election. 4.”


Section 293.225 – Procedures regarding election supplies and manner of voting for each polling place, Nev. Admin. Code § 293.225

“The county clerk may prepare for each polling place any additional supplies he or she considers necessary or desirable for carrying out the election. 3.”


“At each polling place within the county, the county clerk shall allow voters to vote their ballots conveniently and in a manner that allows their voting to be protected from the view of others.”


The tabulating of mail ballots can begin 15 days before the election, NRS 293.269931(1), and counting early voting ballots can be commenced after 8 a.m. on election day, NRS 293.3606(1). The counting of the ballots must be done in public

NRS 293.269931(1) (“The counting procedure must be public.”); NRS 293.3606(1) (specifying that counting must be done “in public”). Despite allowing counting to begin before all votes are cast, the statutory schemes governing both types of ballots expressly prohibit the release or public dissemination of results before the polls have closed. NRS 293.269935(3); NRS 293.3606(5). The county clerk is responsible for establishing procedures for counting mail ballots that do not conflict with the prohibition against prematurely releasing results in NRS 293.269935. NRS 293.269925(1) & (2).


NRS 293.269935(3) reads as follows: “No voting results of mail ballots may be released until all polling places are closed and all votes have been cast on the day of the election. Any person who disseminates to the public in any way information pertaining to the count of mail ballots before all polling places are closed and all votes have been cast on the day of the election is guilty of a misdemeanor.”


NRS 293.3606(2) and (5) provide, respectively, as follows: “The returns for early voting must not be reported until after the polls have closed on election day.” “Any person who disseminates to the public information relating to the count of returns for early voting before the polls close is guilty of a gross misdemeanor.”


Several of the authorities I found suggest that Washoe County has the authority to hand count ballots. For example, the case of Progressive Leadership All. of Nev. v. Cegavske discusses a regulation that allows counties in Nevada to hand count votes as their primary vote count method. The court ultimately upheld the regulation, which suggests that Washoe County could rely on it as a basis for hand counting ballots.


Additionally, the cases of Hawkins v. Blunt and Sandusky County v. Blackwell both discuss the flexibility that states have in implementing the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). This flexibility could provide a basis for Washoe County’s decision to hand count ballots, as it would be within the state’s discretion to choose this method.


The case of Am. Civil Liberties Union of Nev. v. The Cnty. of Nye also discusses a regulation in Nevada that governs the use of hand-count methods for tabulating ballots. This regulation could provide another basis for Washoe County’s authority to hand count ballots.

My simple ask is, put saving our elections first. Don’t give up on your other causes, just do them second, otherwise you will fail. It’s true. If we save our elections, we save it all. If we don’t, we’re simply wasting our time, money, efforts, and just like an hourglass, time is running out.

This above will save 80% of our coming election(s). Did you pay close attention to the words? May, can, etc.? I won’t spoil the arguments all here for the enemy to see, but know everything I proposed above can be done if Andriola simply does what’s best for you.

Will she?

Let’s see.

Share this post with 3 people, and ask them to each do the same. You and your family are worth it.



In the next post, I’ll show you how to save the other 20% in the next year.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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