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Hey folks, here’s a brief update for you. Sorry for the delay in posts this week; I have been inundated with information from whistleblowers and have been sifting through all the information and data. I’ll have some damning information to share with you soon; obviously, being in Washoe County, nothing probably surprises you anymore. Sad, right?

For Case # CV23-01341, I am now on my 5th judge, and if I’m counting correctly, somewhere around my 16th or 17th pleading of some sort that I have filed. Make sure to use the “Case In One Place” post here on OperationSunlight to download all the pleadings as I receive them or as I file them. Here is the link again for you:

At the top of the page there, look for the date of the latest update, which now reads 9/7/23. Anytime new documents are added, we will update the date at the top of the page.

What’s alarming is the outright mistruths the defense is constantly putting in their pleadings; I look forward to my day in court when I can address them all.

For example, the defense, defendants, and media all love to say “the math” is debunked, in which I show all precincts in the two largest counties voted the same, or that I have lost in court with my “conspiracy theories” of election fraud. Those are utterly false. There is still the undefeated $80,000 challenge proving I’m right, and as to the “debunked math,” it’s not even my math; it’s the certified election results data that, on its own, clearly shows the results are impossible in a fair election. 

As to my or Solomon’s math, it’s never been debunked in court, or anywhere else, not once. In fact, if you read the Gilbert contest, you’ll see it was Gilbert’s counsel who spoiled the case. He failed to show what the election should have been; instead, he just showed it was rigged. According to NRS 293.410, he had to prove that the election was rigged, and that the rig was large enough to cost Gilbert the race. Gilbert’s counsel, for whatever reason, left that out of the election contest. 

It’s one of many reasons Gilbert is still in litigation against his past counsel, as his counsel cost Gilbert the case, not the “math.” These inconvenient truths are in the court records for all to see, which were again in my pleadings filed on 9/7, which clearly show the “math” was never debunked, and I have never, not once, been proven wrong about my-our election claims in court. The defense must think people just take their word for things and never look anything up? 

The media fails to cover any of this and just parrots whatever the defense libels and slanders me within their pleadings. They even fail to cover this basic, simple fact I share with you at the bottom of this post…

Say a prayer for me; when I get my day in court, the truth will all come out.

Stay tuned; more updates to follow as new pleadings, dates, etc., come in.



Here’s proof of what the courts actually said vs. what the defense hopes you’re too lazy to look up yourself:

From the 9/7/23 Pleadings:

[Exhibit 147], it clearly states,even if his claim regarding mathematical or geometric ‘impossibility’ was true, Mr. Gilbert still did not have any competent evidence to demonstrate that he won the 2022 Primary as would be required to prevail under NRS 293.410(2).”

Additionally, quoting directly from page 6 in [Exhibit 148], “Mueller alternatively contends that the district court misconstrued NRS 293.410 as requiring evidence of ‘restoration.’ Admittedly, NRS 293.410 does not use the term ‘restoration.’ But it is evident from the record that the district court used that term synonymously with the statutory language ‘change[d] the result of the election,’ and that had the statement of contest not been premised on the concept of ‘restoration’ and used that term, the district court would not have used that term in its orders. To this end, in granting Governor Lombardo’s motion for summary judgment, the district court made its stance as clear as possible that it was not basing its decision on ‘restoration,’ but that it was ‘relying upon the fact that [the court did not] have any information, if all of the math [in the Solomon Report] is correct, that there’s a difference in voting of 1 or 1,000 or 10,000 or any other number.'”

There’s the truth; the math, nor Beadles, nor Solomon has ever been “debunked.” What truly happened is that Gilbert’s counsel blew the case by only putting in half of the proof to fulfill 293.410, and his counsel again failed Gilbert and all of Nevada, by only putting in about 2% of the evidence he was given. Why his counsel did that, why he never let Gilbert read the contest pleadings before he filed it, is a question he will have to answer under oath as well, soon enough. It’s too late to do anything about that election, but it’s never too late for you to know the truth, so we can save the next ones.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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