A Rare Event You Can’t Miss: Dive Deep with Dan Schultz & the Power of Local Politics

Good morning folks!

It’s not every day that I pen a post centered on an upcoming event. But when the topic has the power to change the political landscape and the guest is none other than my good friend, the charismatic Dan Schultz, it warrants an exception.

For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Dan Schultz is the mastermind behind the Precinct Strategy movement. If you’ve been tuning into shows like the War Room or attended prominent events, chances are, you’ve witnessed his infectious passion for grassroots involvement in local politics. The ethos of his message? Change starts locally.

This Friday, under the canopy of our much-awaited Freedom Friday gathering, Dan is gracing us as the star speaker. While I’m undoubtedly thrilled about the fantastic food and the vibrant company, what truly has me counting down the days is the prospect of YOU learning more about the Precinct Strategy directly from the man who pioneered it. Why is local involvement crucial? What can we, as a community, achieve? These are just some of the tantalizing topics on the menu.

For those who attended last month and experienced the incredible session with Jason Cisneros, you know how quickly our spots fill up. And just a gentle reminder: we can only warmly welcome a little over 200 attendees. So, if you’ve been thinking about coming, now’s the time to act.

RSVP now and ensure you’ve secured a seat at what promises to be an enlightening evening. Bring along your most pressing questions and, of course, your appetite – both for food and knowledge!

Before I sign off, a small postscript, the past couple of weeks have been a wild, wild, whirlwind, and I acknowledge the avalanche of emails and texts awaiting my response. Fear not, for I will provide a much-awaited update on what’s been going down Friday too!

Until then, looking forward to seeing many familiar and new faces this Friday!

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Read about the Precinct Strategy here:


He’ll also be bringing along copies of his remarkable book! After his talk, Dan will be available to personally sign them for you too!

Don’t miss it!


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