In Washoe County, we have seen almost every aspect of our elections outsourced to highly controversial companies. I could list the names of all of them, but I’ll save that for a deep dive, org chart-style breakdown where I walk you through it and them all. Today, I want to focus on what’s happening this coming Tuesday at the county commissioners’ board meeting in Washoe County.

There are several items on the agenda that deal with our elections. The most pressing to address is the outsourcing of our ballots to the highly controversial Runbeck Printing Company. For a little backstory on them, I covered it a touch right here:

What’s interesting and concerning is, that I personally have found four Nevada printers who are more than willing and able to do the printing of our ballots and even have a local company who can offer all the mail services. Yet, it’s all being outsourced to various states.

We were just made aware of an illegal ballot manufacturing operation this week that provides 100% proof of what we all have suspected. Bad actors are printing ballots and then flooding the ROV with them. These illegal ballots are then counted as legitimate votes for God only knows which candidates.

I have said this since January 2021. It was proven this week. It also goes to show why I haven’t created the largest ballot harvest operation the State has ever seen. Because no matter how many ballots we harvest, bad actors will most likely print however many ballots they need to win the key races. So, folks, it is very clear: we have to save our elections and bring as much as possible under the control of the county and the people to ensure, as much as possible, that our votes are being counted legitimately.

Now, I’m not accusing Runbeck or anyone else of these practices. Many others have already done that. I’m simply saying we need to use our own people in our own state to conduct every aspect of our elections. The current leadership in Washoe is a dismal failure and needs to be replaced by competent individuals who can properly run our elections. We must also use local and Nevada businesses for any process that must be outsourced. So, on Tuesday, I endorse the NO vote on granting the RFP to Runbeck Printing for our ballots.

We have four companies here in Nevada that can do it. On Tuesday, say no to bringing on Runbeck, and we can put these four into a bidding war and pick the best Nevadan business to print Nevadan ballots. Say no to Runbeck on Tuesday.

Additionally, say NO to ProVote for ballot printing as well.

So NO on agenda items 13 and 14.

Now, ITEM 15 has some promise, but it also has inherent dangers. I love the idea of a citizen’s advisory board to help with the election processes and have real input. What terrifies me is if this is created and then stocked with one party or one ideology that outweighs the other. Now, if they are both equally represented, with a 50/50 representation, and we have a voice of reason and tie-breakers with Vice Chair Commissioner Herman, I’m 100% in support of it.
Anything other than that, and it’s a hard NO vote for me.

Show up on Tuesday and say NO to items 13 and 14. Peacefully demand they have local and state printers rebid the RFP. It took me less than an hour to find qualified companies here in Nevada, none of whom had ever been invited nor knew there was an opportunity to bid on such a project. A few even work for the counties in Nevada already! For whatever reason, Washoe and Clark refuse to stay local. I wonder why that is…

Keep an eye on item 15; it has some really good potential if done the right way. It could give a voice and transparency to the people, but only if there is equal representation. That has to be hard-coded in. They can’t just give us lip service; it must be written in stone, or it’s a NO as well.

Tuesday, 8/15/23

1001 East 9th Street


Show up before 10 a.m. and speak to any item on the agenda that you’re passionate about. There are so many issues and wastes of funds being voted on, but you know me: if we can save our elections, we can save it all. That’s my focus.



I wasn’t kidding. They were caught mass manufacturing ballots. Read about it from my buddy, Jay Valentine. I’m sure Washoe will be seeing more of Jay here, too, soon enough:

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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