No evidence, they say? Here’s just the first round of evidence. Bet you didn’t know a Tesla’s trunk and back seat area makes a decent pickup truck bed 🙂 The dog already knew; you can see her ever-confident smile a mile away.

So, I’m sure by now you have seen the County yet again use the media to try and discredit us. This latest round by the County and RGJ would make Hitler blush. People all over have told me, “Wow, you really have them scared. I’ve never seen such an unprofessional, unethical, unAmerican attack on a citizen. All you’re doing is pointing out the elections are rigged and some people need to be removed from office.” They state they can’t believe the DA’s office would do something so woke and so sanctionable. I laugh as they say all this because I know it’s in God’s hands, and people are just showing us who they are.

We know what our eyes have seen and ears have heard. We know what the data and evidence show, and we know they are terrified of the truth getting out. We are over the target. Just as the picture depicts, that’s just round one of the evidence. I would never do what I do if I didn’t have the receipts. This game they are playing now is all about trying to discredit me and keep me out of court. It’s not going to work.

Here’s a super brief recap as to where I am in the filings:

I filed a 4-cause complaint on 7/25/23; the court had 10 days tops to issue citations to the County, the ROV, The Manager, and the Commission Chair. On day 9, the DA did what is called a Notice of Removal and kicked my case to Federal Court. I can’t appeal their decision to stay in State Court by arguing the facts in State Court. I would have to do what’s called a Motion to Remand in the Federal court to bring it back to State court. That could take months, even years.

So on 8/4, I filed a new lawsuit and only incorporated 2 State causes of action, with no Federal causes of action. This way, I would stay in State Court as that’s where I want to be right now, and that’s where remedies need to take place.

Yesterday, the RGJ, in conjunction with the County, released a draft Motion for Sanctions against me they plan to file in Federal Court, after 21 days. It’s quite laughable as I didn’t want to be there anyway; they sent me there! The sad part is it’s not public record; it means the County shared the draft document with the media. It’s NOT public record, as they stated. Another lie, and another glaring instance of the County working against We The People.

It further shows the county and media are hand in glove in trying to discredit me and keep you from the truth. They are trying to use propaganda and slander to discredit me, and us. This won’t work. It’s actually a sanctionable offense, and worse, but I am focused on the war and not these little battles.

Now back to the mission.

It’s quite simple; I need to be in state court as the 2 main causes of action I seek are the removal of the ROV, County manager, and County Commission Chair and to expose our election issues, then correct them. Period.

Sure, I can go to Federal court afterward, but first, let’s sort this County crap out and focus on our courts here, first.

So when you see me dismiss the Federal lawsuit, it’s solely because I want to focus on the State Courts first. I never asked to go to Federal Court; they thrust me there and then tried to sanction me for being there. It’s quite funny and all theater, hoping you don’t understand what’s happening. But I do.

Regardless, don’t buy into the hype; the evidence and testimony will speak for itself. That’s what they fear. Why else slander me? Why else try to shut me up? Why else try to keep me from court? If they are in the right, they would have no problem taking me on head to head in court; instead, they are trying everything they can to keep me out of it. You know it and I know it.

We both know it won’t work. The truth is coming; remember these people, remember the RGJ, remember everything they are doing to try to prevent me from sharing the truth with all of you, in court. Watch what happens and remember where all these folks were at in this fight for our right to fair and free elections, and all the crap they talked on us about so-called conspiracies. These people are clueless; when 60-80% of America now says our elections are untrustworthy, you can plainly see who the real deniers and conspiracy theorists are.

My faith is in God and my preparations. I’m ready; we have all the evidence in the world. You give us a jury of my peers, and the truth will not be contained; they will all be exposed for what they are trying to conceal.

Remember, when the media says I dismissed the case, and they try to do some silly victory dance, that was only the Federal case I never asked for. It was their way of buying time and trying to drag this out. I brought us back to the mission and back to the expedited State timeline where we could get justice in less than a month. Watch the State case; don’t fall for their BS, stay involved.

“The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”

― Augustine of Hippo



Stay tuned here for updates; you know you won’t get the truth from the propaganda papers.

Oh, and they say my attorneys are drafting my complaints, more lies. Not one of my attorneys has drafted a single document in these cases. These people are desperate to discredit and silence me; it won’t work. See ya in court.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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