Amidst the turmoil of a pandemic that has disrupted our lives, there emerges a champion who fearlessly fights for the rights of children and parents. Joey Gilbert, a passionate advocate with an unwavering spirit, Who boldly took action to reopen churches and schools during those challenging times. Not only has he sued the state, but he has also sued individual schools across the state, displaying an unyielding commitment to our kids, parents, and teachers. With years of tireless dedication, Gilbert has become a beacon of hope, advocating for a complete restoration of our education system from the top down and bottom up. This post celebrates an extraordinary achievement in Douglas County, Nevada, where Gilbert and his law firm have been appointed as general counsel for the Douglas County School District.

A Defining Moment:

After a six-hour-long, intense deliberation, the Douglas County school board has delivered an overwhelming victory for the kids, parents, teachers, county, and Joey Gilbert. They have embraced his passionate resolve by appointing him and his esteemed law firm as the general counsel. This watershed moment represents a significant turning point for the county, which, like countless others, has been spiraling downwards for years. The appointment of Gilbert, a constitutional conservative, has struck a nerve with the detractors. These commies, blind to the truth, have already begun their threats and legal battles, with even the ACLU joining their misguided cause. But in the face of such opposition, hope resoundingly emerges, as Gilbert’s appointment promises to herald the long-awaited transformation of the local education system.

Reclaiming Our Education System:

Let’s not mince words—the state of our schools is an absolute disaster. The board members who voted against Gilbert and those who initiate baseless lawsuits reveal their true intentions: they are content with indoctrinating our youth and destroying the very fabric of our families. However, with Gilbert’s resolute, no-nonsense approach and his unwavering commitment to constitutional conservatism, Nevada is on the precipice of witnessing a revolution in county schools. The excitement and anticipation among parents and children are contagious, and it is a feeling that should reverberate across the nation. This monumental victory in Douglas County serves as a clarion call, demonstrating what can be achieved and inspiring us all to rise up and demand change on a broader scale.

A Triumph for True Champions:

To those who dare to criticize and undermine Joey Gilbert’s unwavering efforts, it is crucial to ask them one simple question: What in the hell have they ever done to help anyone? It is effortless to hide behind computer screens, firing off mean-spirited tweets and emails, while Gilbert has been in the trenches, fighting for the rights of families since day one. We need a million more like him—dedicated, relentless, and unafraid to challenge the status quo. This victory in Douglas County should serve as a wake-up call to those who doubt the power of determined individuals. The transformational change that Gilbert embodies has only just begun, and it is up to us to follow suit. Celebrate this momentous triumph, but remain vigilant, for our collective effort will pave the way for a brighter future for education everywhere.


Joey Gilbert’s unwavering dedication and unwavering spirit have resulted in an epoch-making triumph for education in Nevada. Through his lawsuits to reopen churches and schools during the pandemic, he has ignited a spark for real change. With his recent appointment as general counsel for the Douglas County School District, Gilbert stands poised to lead a much-needed reformation of the education system across the state. While the naysayers will do their commie best to cast doubt, it is our duty to call out these people and expose who they really are and what they really stand for. We have the worst schools in the country. Anyone trying to keep it that way has no business around kids, teachers, or public service. Know the fervor and enthusiasm among parents and children are palpable, serving as an inspiring example of what can be accomplished when we refuse to accept the status quo. Let the monumental victory in Douglas County be the catalyst for a nationwide movement demanding transformative change in education. Watch closely, for this is only the beginning—where they succeed, we shall prevail everywhere.



The woke indoctrination army is melting down. They want your kids. This is a huge, terrifying blow to them. Wait and see.

Never forget who voted against Gilbert. Never forget who is trying to sue because of Gilbert’s placement. It tells you all you need to know about these people, what they stand for, and what they really want for your kids.

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