In this edition of the Corruption Chronicles series, we shine a light on County Manager Eric Brown, who has gained infamy for prioritizing sexual predators over more deserving individuals, amongst many other atrocities. This disturbing revelation is just one of many instances of corruption within the county, underscoring the actions of an unelected official whose decisions undermine the welfare of the community he serves.

The Placement of a Sexual Predator:

Recently, an internal document came to light, revealing that a known sexual predator was given precedence in home placement despite being less qualified than 43 other candidates. This occurrence raises serious concerns about Eric Brown’s priorities and decision-making processes.

HUD Guidelines and Disregard:

It is important to note that Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines require individuals to be placed based on ranking scores, prioritizing those with the greatest need. By placing a sexual predator whose score is far inferior above other individuals who are more deserving and in greater need, Eric Brown’s office is willfully disregarding HUD policies and the terms and conditions associated with the received funding.

Putting Sexual Predators First:

The baffling question that arises from these revelations is why Eric Brown is placing low HUD scoring sexual predators ahead of regular individuals who have far higher scores and find themselves in dire circumstances. Women, children, and men who are ranked higher in terms of need are being overlooked in favor of a sick individual with a predatory history.

Violation of Trust:

By prioritizing sexual predators over those genuinely in need, Eric Brown is betraying the trust of the community he “supposedly” serves. It is disheartening to consider the impact this decision has on individuals who genuinely require assistance but are overshadowed by the preferential treatment of sexual offenders.

HUD Policy Breach and Public Welfare:

Eric Brown’s actions not only violate HUD policies but also compromise the welfare of the community. The purpose of the allocated funds and resources is to support those most in need, not to enable the prioritization of sexual predators. This disregard for policy and the community’s well-being is an alarming reflection of Brown’s tenure as county manager.


The revelation of Eric Brown prioritizing low-scoring sexual predators over higher-scoring individuals genuinely in need is another distressing example of the corruption plaguing the county. His actions directly contradict HUD guidelines and demonstrate a lack of concern for the welfare of the community. As we continue to expose the truth, it becomes evident that the corruption within the county exceeds our worst suspicions. Stay tuned as we delve further into the pervasive misconduct and uncover the full extent of the damage caused by Brown and his administration.



How would you feel if you needed help but Brownstain decided to handle the needs of a sexual predator before you or someone in need?

It’s a real question, as this is really happening.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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