In this installment of the Corruption Chronicles series, we’ll talk about “garbage in” and “garbage out.” No, I’m not referring to the homeless, as the county manager’s staff has called them. Yes, under County Manager Brown, we have a person who refers to the homeless as human garbage. But no, that’s not what we’re referring to here. Today we delve into the County of Washoe’s data management practices and shed light on concerning issues surrounding the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) dashboard. While we won’t touch upon the broader corruption in this piece, it is important to note that this topic represents an ongoing saga of malfeasance, at best.

The HMIS Dashboard:

To begin, let’s examine the HMIS dashboard, which can be accessed at the following link:

By hovering over the bars, additional information is displayed. The dashboard claims to provide data from the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and invites readers to visit a separate resource to learn more about HMIS and its community applications.

What’s Included and What’s Missing:

According to the County, the dashboard includes information sourced from the HMIS. However, it is crucial to note that the data presented does not incorporate information from programs that do not actively utilize HMIS for tracking purposes, nor does it account for individuals not receiving services.

Observations on the Numbers and Graphs:

Upon analyzing the data presented, several striking points come to light. Firstly, it should be possible to perform simple calculations to determine the number of available housing vouchers. However, the dashboard fails to provide any information about the outcomes for the “homeless” population. This raises concerns about whether there is a constant influx of new individuals arriving in the “welcoming” city. Furthermore, it begs the question of whether people remain trapped in county services indefinitely. At what point does the issue of homelessness get resolved?

The Enormous Financial Burden:

At what point do they solve homelessness? I mean, come on, we’re at what $130 million, not including the additional $17 million or more per year to run the homeless campus. It begs the question: Where is all this money going? The campus was initially built for 640 people, and based on napkin math calculations, it now costs the county approximately $230,000 per homeless person just for the CARES campus. And this doesn’t even take into account the funding for other homeless facilities. Let that sink in. The sheer amount of funds involved in addressing homelessness is staggering. When you consider the collective expenditure on various facilities, it resembles the budget of an entire country rather than a county, especially when it only serves a relatively small number of less than a thousand people!

Unveiling the Truth:

The County, under the leadership of Eric BrownStain, Comrade Hill’Insky, and Hide’n Hillary Schieve, refuses to meaningfully answer questions regarding the destination of the funds. Nevertheless, internal communications suggest that the county possesses information that exposes widespread corruption and pay-to-play schemes. The deliberate withholding of this information from the public indicates a cesspool of corruption. We possess substantial evidence supporting these claims. Our investigation and exposure to you and the courts is far from over.

The Crucial Question:

Beyond the whereabouts of the funds, a simple yet crucial question arises: Where do these individuals go? Are they merely shuffled between different county services, perpetuating a NEVER ENDING cycle of dependence and ensuring a NEVER ENDING stream of revenue? Is the county obscuring the true destination of these people, using distorted data to create an illusion of assistance? The answer appears evident, and we will continue to expose the truth.


The corruption plaguing the County of Washoe extends into the realm of data management, with the HMIS dashboard presenting a distorted picture of the homelessness situation. The absence of outcome data and the staggering amounts of money involved demand scrutiny and public accountability. We encourage readers to question county officials about the fate of these individuals and to join us in our ongoing investigation to uncover the depths of corruption and deception. Stay tuned for further revelations in our fight against this grave injustice.


P.S. Think about it, how does a county spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a thousand people? How much money does it cost to end homelessness for 1,000 people? Where is all the money really going? Why won’t they show us where these people really end up when they say they’ve “housed” them? Eric BrownStain and pals really stepped in it this time. Anyone with an IQ over 60 knows this only adds up to corruption… Stay tuned, and start asking our “servants” these questions as our local sell-out media refuses to.

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