In a landmark case, the Supreme Court of the United States has just done something I’ve been saying for the past several years. Many attorneys said I was wrong, this just proved once again I was right. Only time will tell if this will be used for good or for evil, as Pandora’s box has now been officially ripped wide open. Below, I summarize what the polls have been saying thus far, so I provide the positive and the negative aspects, of their views. It’s up to you to decide how you feel about it.


Positive: The Supreme Court ruling affirms the exclusive authority of state lawmakers over elections, ensuring state sovereignty and reshaping state election processes.
Negative: Some may argue that this decision could limit federal oversight and create disparities in election standards among states, potentially impacting the consistency and fairness of elections nationwide.

Upholding the Constitution’s Electoral Framework:

Positive: The Court’s decision reinforces the importance of the Elections Clause, granting state legislatures control over all aspects of elections, including the drawing of congressional districts.
Negative: Critics may contend that this ruling could hinder efforts to address gerrymandering and prevent independent redistricting commissions from promoting fair and nonpartisan district boundaries.

Implications for Partisan Manipulation:

Positive: The ruling serves as a setback for partisan actors attempting to manipulate redistricting processes for political gain, protecting the principle of fair representation.
Negative: Some may argue that without additional safeguards, the ruling could embolden state legislatures to engage in gerrymandering practices that favor their party, potentially undermining the election ideals of equal representation.

Safeguarding Voting Rights:

Positive: The decision is hailed as a victory for state sovereignty, emphasizing the authority of state legislatures while preserving the constitutional framework for elections.
Negative: Critics raise concerns that the ruling might hinder efforts to combat voter suppression and limit federal oversight, potentially impeding progress toward ensuring equal access to the ballot box for all citizens.

A Constitutional Win for All Americans:

Positive: The ruling is seen as transcending partisan divisions, prioritizing the Constitution and the principles it upholds, and maintaining the balance between the federal government and the states.
Negative: Some may argue that this ruling could undermine efforts to establish uniform national standards for elections, potentially leading to inconsistencies and inequalities in the electoral process across different states.


Positive: The Supreme Court’s ruling solidifies state legislatures’ exclusive authority over elections, safeguarding state sovereignty and the principles enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.
Negative: Critics may express concerns about potential challenges in achieving nationwide election standards and ensuring equitable access to the election process without adequate federal oversight.

Read the court ruling here.



What, if anything, do you think will now happen in Nevada because of this?

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