Well, we were right again!

Just like I’ve been telling you all, forget the data they use to show us who should win elections; it’s all garbage. None of it can be trusted.

Do you ever wonder where all this communist liberal money keeps coming from?

Just like I’ve said countless times, it’s our money they use against us, it’s China’s money they use against us. It’s not an army of liberal commies here who hate America; it’s mostly a group of foreign commies who hate America and are actively trying to destroy it.

So once again, we were right.

You’ve all heard the cries from Republicans for funding. Things like the Democrats have all the money, we’re outspent, outraised, out-funded, all their people are paid, etc., etc.

Well, here is one of the two main reasons why and two lawsuits to watch.

(The other main reason is in the P.P.S section)


In the battle for political funding, Republicans have long complained about being outmatched by their Democrat counterparts. But recent lawsuits have shed light on a startling revelation – the extent of illegal political contributions flowing into the Democratic Party, with ties reaching all the way to communist China. These lawsuits, spearheaded by Election Watch and exposing major national security and campaign finance violations, have the potential to rock the foundations of our political system.

The Investigation:

Renowned journalist James O’Keefe, the driving force behind Project Veritas and now the founder of OMG (O’Keefe Media Group) just exposed Election Watch’s findings. Election Watch unearthed an astonishing truth. According to the investigation, over 60% of the funds involved in this massive illegal political donation scheme are allegedly originating from RED China, a communist regime with hostile intentions towards the United States. These secret and illicit funds are funneled into Democratic Party accounts, setting off alarm bells across the nation.

Alarming Discoveries:

The evidence gathered by Election Watch points to a web of financial manipulation and deceit. Donations are being channeled through the addresses of vulnerable elderly citizens, exploiting their identities for nefarious purposes. This money trail, starting in RED China and eventually flowing into ActBlue and other political action committees, reveals a systemic abuse of campaign finance regulations. The investigation, leveraging advanced internet tracing techniques, has exposed the complicity of banks, credit card processors, and other key players in facilitating these illicit transactions.

The Power of Citizen Journalism:

The truth behind these revelations is a testament to the power of citizen journalism. Just as the Operation Sunlight community tirelessly exposes corruption, a network of dedicated citizen journalists across the country has played a pivotal role in uncovering these shocking violations. This is a battle that must not be abandoned; the fight against corruption requires all hands on deck.

The Urgency for Justice:

It is alarming to witness how our hard-earned tax dollars are being exploited to fund Soros-style political action committees and organizations that further support communist agendas. The time has come for these injustices to be exposed and halted. The responsibility falls upon us, the citizens, and our courts to take decisive action. This battle is not only about justice; it is about protecting our nation from the forces that seek to undermine it.

The Path Forward:

These lawsuits are of paramount importance. They have the potential to dismantle the entire corrupt system and hold those responsible accountable. We stand in solidarity with Election Watch and applaud their patriotic efforts. With the truth on our side and the power of the courts, we have the opportunity to restore integrity to our political landscape.


As the veil is lifted on the secret streams of foreign money infiltrating American politics, it becomes clear that we cannot afford to turn a blind eye. The lawsuits brought forth by Election Watch are a rallying cry for justice and a call to protect the sanctity of our Constitutional Republic. It is up to us, the concerned citizens of this great nation, to stand united and demand the exposure and prosecution of those who seek to manipulate our political system. Together, we can ensure that our country remains strong, resilient, and immune to the influence of foreign powers. God bless America and God bless Election Watch for their unwavering dedication to our shared values.



Hear it from our buddy James himself here:



As we see with our federal and state tax dollars, these so-called “elected” representatives use our funds to feed Soros-style PACs, groups, organizations, etc., who then fund other communist PACs, groups, and organizations, all with our money, all to attack us. This is the 2nd main reason they have the money. It’s ours!

Have you had enough yet? If so, refuse to be silent, call out the corruption.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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