Politics, often quipped as the second-oldest profession after prostitution, is notorious for its dirty games and murky undertones. This might explain why moral, honest folks shy away from running for office. But what if the elections themselves are riddled with corruption, leading to a dubious denial of victory for the rightful winners?

Despite these challenges, if we consistently present moral, constitutionally-informed candidates, people will start recognizing the change we aim to bring. Even if some unprincipled politician manages to get (s)elected and we’re kept from a proper election audit, it only amplifies our call for unity and voter integrity even more. Because, let’s face it – if we don’t ensure that our votes count as cast, we might as well admit defeat and cede our nation to the corrupt. And where would we go then? There’s no place left to run to.

The rise of the woke communist agenda is everywhere, like an invasive weed that needs urgent uprooting before it spreads uncontrollably. But this isn’t the only front where we need to focus our efforts. Your candidacy can have a substantial local impact, and here’s how:

Protection of Freedom and Liberty: Our nation’s bedrock is built on individual freedom and liberty, which could be jeopardized without your involvement. Corrupt politicians will push for policies that infringe on these values. By serving in office, you can uphold and protect our rights.

Providing Responsible Fiscal Management: Your candidacy could instill a sense of fiscal responsibility often absent in politics. Without your influence, public funds could be mismanaged or misused, not serving the community genuinely.

Maintaining the Public Trust: As a trustworthy figure in office, you can help restore public trust in government. If politicians are seen as corrupt, it can lead to public apathy, low voter turnout, and unchecked corruption.

Advocating for the Vulnerable: Your position in office can ensure representation for society’s most vulnerable. Without such advocates, laws may disproportionately favor the privileged, increasing societal gaps.

Promoting Quality Constitutional Education: You can push for an education that empowers children with the tools for success, rather than victimhood. Without your influence, education policies may continue pushing detrimental agendas over protection and development.

Ensuring Fair Justice: Your commitment can contribute to a fair and impartial judicial system. A biased or corrupt justice system can undermine society’s foundations.

These reasons should inspire you to either run for office or assist someone who can. We need leaders who follow and love God, our Constitution, and follow their hearts in their actions. The rest is just common sense. In fact, we’ll be organizing training seminars for candidates in the coming months to help them navigate this journey.

I have supported numerous candidates nationwide, and through their dedication, God’s grace, and my contributions, many have been elected. For anyone in Washoe wanting our support, it’s simple – follow God, the Constitution, and your heart; if you can’t or won’t, don’t bother reaching out.

Stay tuned for the seminar dates, likely in September and November. Start thinking about the office you want to run for, or find someone who can. Whether it’s the school board, county commission, assembly, senate, or even presidency – the choice is yours!

Since the 2024 election information is not yet available, here is what it looked like in 2022. While this is outdated information it may help you in your research to find out what open seats in your district maybe up for grabs.


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