The date is June 20, 1781. On this day in history, the American Revolutionary War sees a significant turning point – the Battle of Green Spring. In this battle, the ingenuity and critical thinking of American troops under Marquis de Lafayette saved them from being outmaneuvered by the British Army led by Charles Cornwallis. They recognized the danger, made tough decisions, and acted – a testament to their ability to think independently.

Today, in an eerie parallel, we face an insidious challenge to the free-thinking individuals that our forebears fought to create. There is an ever-increasing trend of homogenization of thought, where dissenting opinions are met with vilification rather than debate. This is alarmingly similar to the suppression of speech under British rule, where the Crown sought to maintain power by limiting discourse and dissent.

The founders of this nation were critical thinkers – innovators who dared to envision a world where individuals could express their thoughts without fear of retribution. They were educators, inventors, and philosophers who valued the power of the mind and the freedom of expression. It’s this intellectual diversity that spurred the innovation and resilience that built this nation.

Benjamin Franklin, one of our most esteemed forefathers, once said, “Without freedom of thought, there can be no such thing as wisdom – and no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech.” These words are as pertinent today as they were centuries ago. We must continue to champion the free exchange of ideas, nurturing critical thinking over blind conformity, if we hope to safeguard the intellectual liberty our founders fought for.

To Be Continued…


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