I’m deeply concerned for our cherished seniors – the incredible contributions they’ve made with their lives, their love for our country, and the subpar level of care they are currently receiving in Washoe. It feels unfair to call upon them for another ‘tour of duty,’ but I’m anxious about the new generation being indoctrinated by this ‘woke communism cabal’ without the same patriotic spirit of previous generations.

Our valuable seniors seem to be suffering from neglect. When I look at Washoe County’s budget, they allocate a whopping 40-50k or MORE, who knows how much per homeless person, yet just tens of dollars for our amazing seniors? It’s as if Eric ‘BrownStain’, Comrade ‘Hill-Insky’, Marliuz ‘Sometimes Lives in Her District Too’ Garcia, and ‘Clarabelle the Clown’ Andriola has thrown our elders under the bus.

As if it’s not enough that these four neglect our seniors in the budget, three of them are actively hindering the only candidate running for the senior advisory board. Denise Myer is the sole candidate who’s stepped up for the board. It’s been vacant since last year! Garcia, Hill, and Andriola are consciously obstructing Myer from aiding our precious seniors!

There is only one candidate! Myer! There’s no valid reason to obstruct her.

These three ‘commies’ are politicizing everything and neglecting our precious seniors.

I hope when these three need assistance, they are given the same level of care and attention they are subjecting our seniors to. It’s abhorrent what they’re doing. Our wonderful seniors, who’ve given so much to us, are being severely let down by this trifecta of tragedy. We need Denise Myer representing our family and friends to ensure they get the care they need, not what these three know-nothing bureaucrats are serving up.

Andriola and Hill are up for election next year. They have to go. It’s vile what they’re doing to our loved ones. Demand they pack up their ‘commie’ agendas in their little hammer and sickle backpacks and let Denise take the reins to care for our elders.

They deserve help, not horror.

Demand that Hill, Andriola, and Garcia put their commie agendas aside and bring Myer onboard where she’s needed. And never forget these three ‘commies’ and their actions when it’s time to cast your votes.



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Show up and speak your mind. The meetings are typically held on the first Wednesday of every month, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, at Washoe County Senior Services, Building E, 9th and Sutro, Reno, NV 89512.

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