Our city and county have seen better days, folks. Our pals in the various departments are as fed up as we are with the current state of affairs. It’s a never-ending tale of malfeasance and corruption, and we’ve had enough.

Whistleblowers recently shared some shocking internal documents with me – a peek into the upcoming changes in salaries across the county. What’s striking is that the departments stirring up the most controversy they tell us are the ones pocketing the fattest paychecks. Some of these folks, our whistleblowers allege, maybe getting hefty raises to keep quiet on the ongoing shenanigans.

Now, I’m not claiming these raises are outright bribes. There are some truly stellar people working in the county who’ve earned their raises. But, on the flip side, there are folks in the County Manager’s department pocketing an EXTRA 80k to 100k a year for doing squat.

Enter Eric Brown, or as he’s affectionately called, Eric “BrownStain.” BrownStain seems to have the Midas touch in reverse – everything he lays a finger on turns to, well, you-know-what, crap. Whether it’s abusing county resources to keep his wife out of the slammer, handing his buddies hefty raises, or lying straight-faced to the commissioners and the public, BrownStain’s antics have raised quite a few eyebrows.

We’re told if an average Joe pulled the stunts BrownStain has allegedly been up to, they’d be out on their rear or sporting an orange jumpsuit faster than you can say “corruption.” Yet, BrownStain is still strutting around the county offices, attracting side-eyes and whispers of corruption. We’re waiting with bated breath to see what further revelations come to light.

Our so-called commissioners, Garcia, Hill, and Andriola, have yet to show BrownStain the door. Their decision, or lack thereof, speaks volumes about their character. Two of these commie clowns are up for reelection soon, and you bet your boots we’ll be throwing our weight behind anyone but them.

Let’s shift gears back to the salary documents. They’re based on the “Korn Ferry Study,” which insiders say was a monumental waste of funds. The pay hikes listed will make your head spin. The Director of HR & Org Development is poised for a whopping 47% raise! Human Services Director? Up by 27%. Juvenile Services Director? Enjoying a cozy 21% increase. The list goes on.

What about the people who actually keep the county running smoothly? The mechanics, the engineers, the community organizers – they’re getting the short end of the stick, with measly raises ranging from -1% to 5%. It’s a classic case of rewarding the wrong people, and it’s about time we did something about it.

You’ve heard the rumors about BrownStain’s bonus splurge, haven’t you? Word has it he was advised to buy favor, so he’s been dishing out $1,000 bonuses twice a year. But, mind you, this “generosity” doesn’t factor into the bloated salary figures we’ve been discussing.

It’s mind-boggling how people like BrownStain, who seems to lack any real qualifications, are managing a county with a budget of $1.06 billion. It’s high time we replace these placeholders with competent, qualified individuals. But is that too much to ask for?

Digging deeper into these “behind the scenes” documents, we find stories that would make even the sturdiest among us shudder. Complaints of discrimination and unfair treatment coming out of the HR department are rampant. The recent lawsuit victory by an employee named Kat Olson is just one among many alarming incidents.


And then there are the accusations against Vaughn Hartung, who has allegedly had serious charges of sexual harrassment swept under the rug. His alleged actions make the massive raises within his department even more questionable. Is there something more sinister at play here?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues we’ve heard about the HR department. We’re told there’s more information than we could possibly fit into an encyclopedia. It’s definitely worth an investigation.

Remember the uproar over the Drag Queen Story hour at the library? Well, the folks running that fiasco are also on the list for major pay bumps. It seems like controversy is a ticket to a fatter paycheck in this town.

But let’s not stop there. The ones controlling the county’s purse strings – the budget officers – they’re raking in the dough too. And oddly enough, the salaries of the County Manager and Chief Medical Examiner are conspicuously missing from these reports. Makes you wonder what they’re hiding, doesn’t it?

When you scrutinize these documents and delve into the numbers, it paints a pretty bleak picture. It seems the folks who do the lion’s share of the work are rewarded the least, while those who barely lift a finger are sitting pretty with the biggest paychecks.

The Director of HR and Labor Relations, for instance, is looking at a sweet 30% raise, putting their annual salary close to a quarter of a million dollars. The Division Director of Housing and Homeless Services? A 24% raise and a paycheck just shy of $200k per year. The list of pay hikes is as long as it is disturbing.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) receives a remarkable 32% raise, escalating their annual salary to approximately $290,000. Similarly, the Chief Information Officer (CIO), a veritable spin doctor, is granted a 30% hike, which propels their yearly compensation close to $260,000. Sounds entirely fair, doesn’t it? They’re likely the very ones who will claim “this post is spreading disinformation,” despite the fact that we’re relying on the county’s own documents!

But the really heart-breaking part? The people who actually keep the wheels of the county turning – the maintenance crew, the project managers, the outreach teams – they’re all getting a raw deal. Their raises are pitifully small compared to the cash windfalls enjoyed by their higher-ups. It’s like they’ve been handed a crap sandwich and told to enjoy the bread.

At the end of the day, we’re dealing with a man with seemingly no qualifications running a county with a billion-dollar budget. BrownStain, with his alleged shenanigans, has turned this county and the ROV into a flaming dumpster fire. His reign, and that of others like him, must come to an end. It’s time for competent, qualified people to take the helm.

But is that too much to ask for? We certainly don’t think so. And we hope you agree. Together, we can turn this around.

Stay tuned, folks. There’s more to this story, and we’ll be pulling back the curtain a bit at a time.



Our attorneys are currently sifting through a mound of whistleblower information about ‘Brownstain’ as we speak. We’re eager to see what we can share here and what will need to be presented in court. If these whistleblowers are correct, it’s high time he was dismissed or even incarcerated. I can hardly wait to see the outcome! One thing is for sure, he needs to be ousted – we can already provide evidence of his lies to us and to the commissioners. It’s all captured on video for the world to scrutinize. Can anyone remind me why he’s still around? Keeping BrownStain on the payroll certainly raises eyebrows about Hill, Garcia, and Andriola, doesn’t it?



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