They say, “Money makes the world go round,” but what happens when our own money is used against us? This is the question looming over many concerned citizens, not only in the nation’s capital but right here in Nevada.

In Washington D.C., politicians routinely pass bills laden with earmarks, where billions of our tax dollars are allocated to a myriad of organizations. Among these are entities resembling the likes of Soros-associated groups. This isn’t just an abstract issue; it’s a situation that hits us close to home, influencing the ideologies that form our society’s fabric and shaping our children’s education.

The cycle is disconcertingly simple. These tax-funded organizations, in turn, funnel resources to other groups espousing far-left ideologies. The end uses of our tax dollars range from promoting ‘woke’ agendas and supporting left-leaning candidates to influencing educational curricula and underwriting election activities. They also sponsor demonstrations against conservative viewpoints, run ballot harvesting operations, and even “assist” voters at retirement homes and elsewhere. Furthermore, these groups actively lobby for even more progressive bills and agendas.

Here in Nevada, this pattern is mirrored in the recent Omnibus bill AB 525. Numerous groups, primarily active during our elections and leaning far-left, are potential beneficiaries. Most, if not all, of these organizations, are not subject to audits. Consequently, once they receive the funds, tracking where and how the money is used becomes a mystery as there are no audits. To many, this lack of accountability feels eerily like an encroaching wave of communism and discrimination.

These omnibus bills artfully bundle an assortment of pet projects and pressing issues, coercing people to pass them due to their multifaceted nature. Instead of voting on a single item, they’re forced to make a decision that impacts them, their colleagues, and their supporters on multiple fronts. It’s an intricate web of politics and profit.

Governor Joe Lombardo must be made aware of the repercussions of AB 525. If signed into law, it could dramatically alter the electoral landscape and, likely, his re-election prospects. By giving unchecked control of election funds to the left, we risk handing over our Constitutional Republic’s process to a single ideology.

Just in the past week, a flurry of bills, each more astonishing than the last, have passed. It’s a development many consider unconstitutional, and the repercussions are real – they’re dismantling the very foundations of our state. One can’t help but wonder: would we face these issues if our elections were truly free and fair?

I urge you to learn more about this critical issue. Take a moment to read this revealing article on The Nevada Globe. Spread the word; share it everywhere. It’s time we reclaimed what’s left of our Constitutional Republic before it’s gone for good.


These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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