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The Reno Gazette-Journal, or as we like to call them, the “Really Gutless Journal”, recently posted an article behind a paywall that mentioned 25 principals in Washoe County School District (WCSD) who are facing job losses.

Rather than taking a journalistic approach to what’s happening, it read more like a press release for the WCSD.

We’re told that 25 principals are losing their titles and in many cases, their jobs. Insiders within the school district tell us this appears to be a power grab—a way to hide what’s really happening with our teachers and students. They suspect this is to keep those who will uphold the veil of secrecy in charge. Are they correct? Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to inspect for ourselves. However, I am aware of several lawsuits alleging that WCSD has serious issues. I’ve also heard from many people inside the system who fear losing their jobs if they speak out.

Our schools are consistently rated as some of the worst in the nation by several metrics. With a budget of $1.4 billion, you would think we could perform better, but it seems that the money is being spent on failed policies and personnel at best.

Amidst a massive teacher shortage, we’re told that 25 leaders are being let go. Rumor has it that in some schools, non-teachers are stepping into teaching roles. I wish I was making this up.

So, what’s the real reason for removing these 25 leaders?

Why is there such a push for online learning? We’re told it’s because the school can charge per student this way, regardless of whether they show up in person, thereby avoiding any loss of funding.

With significant safety concerns in schools, severe learning deficits, and a growing shift towards remote education, why are these individuals still entrusted with our children’s education?

These issues make a strong case for homeschooling and the establishment of parallel school systems that genuinely prepare our children for success rather than subjecting them to CRT-based ideologies and awarding them with diplomas for all that isn’t worth the ink they’re printed with. 

The current education system is regressing rather than progressing. It needs to be overhauled, as it’s evident that WCSD’s approach isn’t working.

In a business context, if you sell a subpar product, your funds eventually dry up, and your business fails. The school district, however, seems to be continuously rewarded with more funds despite declining performance just because they claim to need more money. It’s absurd.

We’re told that they plan to remove national testing and create their own system, allowing them to control results and paint a rosier picture than reality. It’s clear that this system needs a complete overhaul rather than being rewarded with more funds.

That’s enough of my rant for now. Check out the press release from the incredible Paul White below, who echoes our concerns.

Have a great weekend, and keep calling out incompetence and corruption.


Paul White of The Education Crusades Press Release:

What’s going on at YOUR school?
Confidential Hotline – (775) 685.8200

Paul White: (775) 685.8200
May 25, 2023

WCSD Stages Its Own
Cultural Revolution Purge of “Undesirables”
25 School Principals Removed

WCSD Superintendent Susan Enfield found over $3 million worth of “unwanted baggage” she decided to get rid of, in the form of 25 school principals who have been replaced.


Enfield and her inept School-Board-minus-one revealed the first step of their “Big Plan” for fixing our worst-in-the-nation schools.

Did Enfield accompany her purge by even acknowledging our schools’ epidemic-level problems with violence, drugs, teacher abuse, academic failure, and non-attendance?


Her First Step consisted solely of replacing 25% of her school leaders with even LESS qualified administrative underlings.

This was a critically important first step because it now guarantees Enfield the 3 essentials that every ineffective superintendent craves:

1) Principals and staff, including the school police force, who will lie, cover-up, and ignore ANY major problems in order to keep their jobs.

2) “Iron Curtain” policies that keep parents and the community OUT of our schools, and threaten the jobs of any staff who reveal what’s happening IN our schools.

3) Board support for dumping objective academic testing and replacing it with WCSD self-created tests.

Once that happens, look for an announcement from WCSD sometime next year, stating that our 90% functionally illiterate students have miraculously become top scholars overnight.

Expect WCSD to claim that the students’ previous low test scores can be blamed completely on the old tests that were – take your pick:

  1. a) Too White-privileged; b) Too culturally biased; c) Too sexually insensitive;d) Too focused on Donald Trump e) All of the above


EVERY facet of our WCSD schools is a red-hot mess.

They are being run into the ground by Enfield and our traitorous School-Board-minus-one.

Our Washoe County schools ARE NOT FIX-ABLE.

Not Today.

Not Next Year.

Not EVER … because the values gap has grown too great between the godless “takers” who run our schools, and the God-fearing parent “givers”, most of whom have no education option other than continuing to subject their children to this negative influence.


For a starting point, consider that the most recent budget for WCSD is large enough to provide $24,000 per year annual vouchers to the parents of every school-age child in Washoe County.

That money initially came out of OUR pockets.

Shouldn’t WE have the final say regarding how to spend it to educate our children?

Why shouldn’t the nation’s WORST public school system that has destroyed the futures of millions of our children for over a decade – be required to compete for its students?

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