Well, here we go again – more of our tax dollars seemingly going up in smoke for what looks like a taxpayer-funded field trip and vacation for Commissioners Comrade Hill-Insky, Mariluz “Sometimes Lives In Her District Too” Garcia, and Clarabell the Clown.

So what exactly am I talking about?

I’ve had numerous conversations with folks who work within the county, and they tell me that the County Commissioners’ meeting (you know, where they “handle local business”) on 6/13/23 has been canceled. Why? So that this dysfunctional trifecta can meet with their lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

This lobbyist, the Porter Group, reportedly receives $8,000 a month from the county. Allegedly, this Porter Group is the mastermind behind many of the county’s decisions. Remember when Eric Brown-Stain seemed to deceive us about where he found the Elections Group? The left-leaning group that had already spent weeks or months in the ROV, remember them? According to my sources, the Porter Group was actually responsible for finding this group, implying that Brown-Stain has been less than truthful.

My informants suggest that this group is the shadowy hand guiding the course and direction for Washoe, that they’re the ones providing Brown-Stain and the dysfunctional trio their playbook that we see unfolding before our very eyes.

Moreover, I’m informed that the Porter Group was introduced to the county by Bob Lucey. With his alleged assistance, they managed to secure contracts with NACO and other organizations and counties within Nevada.

My sources further indicate that the Porter Group’s contract is up for renewal in June. This excursion to D.C., I’m told, is an attempt to wine and dine the trio of disaster and secure a favorable contract extension while also discussing county business.

Now, this raises several concerns, obviously. To start, the trio of calamity are county commissioners. If they discuss county business together at all, they could be in breach of Open Meeting Laws. I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t be discussing county business with the Porter Group if what I’ve been told about their involvement in decision-making is true.

For those unfamiliar, the Open Meeting Law, also known as OML, requires public bodies like county commissions to conduct their meetings openly and transparently to ensure public participation and accountability. If three commissioners of five discuss county business during a trip without providing proper notice and opportunity for public participation, this could be considered a violation of the Open Meeting Law.

Now, I don’t personally know the Porter Group. However, if one applies critical thinking, one might conclude that things in our county have gotten rather swampy over the past five years. If we hire lobbyists from swampy Washington D.C., wouldn’t we expect policies reflective of the capital to find their way here? This thought struck me as very significant.

We desperately need people from Washoe making decisions for Washoe. We need our servants to follow the will of the people of Washoe, not some group out of D.C. If we observe what Comrade Hill-Insky did to our public comments, she seems to have silenced them, just as you’d expect from an authoritarian. Look at Garcia – her college dissertation and degree seem to echo the agendas of Mao, Marx, and Lenin. As for Clarabell the Clown, she often forgets that she’s supposedly a Republican, voting in lockstep with these two. We had high hopes for Clarabell; she could have had the kind of support Herman and Clark received in their last very successful races. Unfortunately, it seems the same people who helped Clark and Herman will now be exposing Clarabell and supporting her opponent, just as they will be doing against Comrade Hill-Insky.

But I digress.

The last lobbyist firm we had was half the price of the Porter Group and allegedly achieved great things for Washoe.

Frankly, I’m not even sure we need a lobbyist firm. If these three commissioners would just engage with the public and seek their input, we could quickly become the shining beacon of our state, even the country. With our resources and connections, we could truly be a government ‘for the people, by the people’ once again. Yet, it appears that these three consistently go against what’s best for the county and its people. Why is that? I urge everyone to keep asking them and their constituents this question. I assure you, we will be doing just that.

In short, this threesome will be heading to D.C. on our dime for several days to supposedly “not” talk about county business with the Porter Group, the same group that many within the county say provides the playbook to Brown-Stain, Hill-Insky, Mariluz, and Clarabell. I’m certain no violations of the Open Meeting Law will occur…right?

What are your thoughts? Should these three be spending our tax dollars this way? Should we be employing people in D.C. for our county business? Are you satisfied with the decisions these three are making, or do you feel they’ve betrayed us? I’d love to hear your views. Personally, I’ve had enough of this crap.



The county continues to violate the law by not providing us with the public records to which we’re entitled. I suspect lawsuits against the county and its personnel may be on the horizon. We cannot let the truth die in the darkness; we need sunlight on our public records.

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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