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The common recurring statement we often hear from individuals in Washoe is the constant need for MO MoNey!

With the County boasting a budget of $1.06 Billion dollars, which is approximately double the amount of counties of similar size, they consistently exclaim their need for additional funds. The Washoe County school district echoes this sentiment in every meeting, emphasizing their need for Mo MoNey. Jeff Church, our school board Superman, tells us the following budget figures:

2023: $1,243,968,889

2024: $1,450,943,277

According to the incredible Paul White, these figures could provide each child’s parents with a voucher exceeding $24,000. Given these substantial amounts, we must question where all this money is actually going.

It’s as if they resemble drunken gamblers who continuously lose at the table but persistently ask for another grand. The crucial difference here is that it’s our money at stake. Similar to the County, the school system consistently demands more funds, yet we never get a detailed breakdown of where and to whom the money is allocated.

It is high time that this county undergoes a comprehensive independent audit. We currently have some of the worst schools and crime rates in the nation, making it one of the least desirable places to retire. Despite these issues, our public servants receive a larger budget compared to most, if not all, counties of similar size.

Before we consider giving them more money, it is imperative that we scrutinize where all the previous funds have been utilized. It becomes evident that this is not merely a matter of insufficient funds but rather a question of competence at best and criminality at worst.

I personally believe that competition in the marketplace is always beneficial for consumers. It’s high time we establish a parallel school system that prioritizes teaching our children the essential skills needed for success in life. The current system is plagued by failed policies, exorbitant costs and is completely out of control in every aspect.  

In the meantime, as we build it, let us ask pertinent questions and demand accountability. Our children and families deserve nothing less.



Have fun looking at the out-of-control budget(s) here:


Remember, folks, that the $1.2 Billion allocated to the schools is in ADDITION to the $1.06 Billion allocated to the county! Yet, they need Mo MoNey?

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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