Shill is defined as:

“A shill refers to a person who promotes or supports a particular product, cause, or agenda, often for personal gain or under the guise of being an unbiased party. Shills are typically employed to create a positive image or generate enthusiasm, often through deceptive or misleading tactics. Their aim is to influence public opinion, sway others’ decisions, or manipulate perceptions in favor of the entity or agenda they are associated with”

Now, let’s turn our attention to Shill-ary Hide’n Schieve, our very own Mayor. Recently, we stumbled upon some interesting information that raises questions about her finances and disclosures. According to the Secretary of State, Hillary claims to make $77,073.60 from her Mayor position.

However, Transparent Nevada reports her Mayor gig pays her $142,127.

So, which is it?

Is the City providing inaccurate information, or is Hillary giving the wrong details to the State?

That’s not all. We’ve also received reports from several individuals suggesting that Hillary sits on numerous boards and receives compensation and gifts, yet we find no disclosure of such activities. Is she indeed getting paid for her board positions? And if so, how much?

How many boards does Hillary actually sit on? Is she receiving massive undisclosed perks at our expense? We’re told she does.

While our city struggles, she seems to be doing just fine.

The average wage in Reno is $67,557 per year, and the cost of living for a single person with a 3-bedroom mortgage ranges from $40,000 to $54,650 per year.

In contrast, Hillary’s reported net worth is supposedly $10,000,000. How does one accumulate such wealth on a salary of $77,000 per year and selling 2nd hand clothes? It raises eyebrows and calls for a closer examination.

Questionable things are going on with good ol’ Shill-ary Hide’n Schieve. I can’t wait to see what she’s been hide’n once it all comes into the Sunlight.



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