So I tuned in to witness the passage of a series of bills that further erode our rights and liberties, particularly our right to suffrage, which was disheartening.

These new bills blatantly violate numerous provisions of the Nevada Voters Bill of Rights, the Nevada Constitution, and the equal rights provision in the 14th Amendment, among others. Assessing the full extent of the damage caused by these bills will take weeks, but what is clear is that if they are allowed to stand, elections will now be centralized under the authority of the Secretary of State, exerting unprecedented control over all counties and Carson City.

Ironically, these measures, touted as promoting inclusivity and safety, do the exact opposite. They disregard the input of the people and act contrary to the preferences of approximately 80% of their constituents.

We find ourselves at a critical juncture where our elected representatives no longer truly represent us. It has become painfully evident that they view elections as a means to acquire and maintain power. The erosion of public trust in our elections is widespread, and the passage of these bills, which introduce new loopholes for fraud and abuse, further diminishes the prospects of achieving free and fair elections. To reclaim our state, we must unite around three fundamental principles:

  • Fight for free and fair elections.
  • Save our schools.
  • Support genuine candidates who prioritize the needs of the people.

If we do those three things, we can save it all. While easier said than done, we must relentlessly advocate for these objectives. This involves actively engaging in the electoral process, challenging school districts when necessary, and identifying and rallying behind candidates who share our values rooted in the founding principles of our country rather than subscribing to the ideologies of Marx and Lenin.

Achieving these goals requires action, not apathy. It is imperative that we get involved and stay involved. The time for action is now or never. Know there is nowhere else to go. Moving is not an option. What is happening here is happening everywhere. It’s a coordinated effort. If we allow this to continue without pushing back, we’ll find ourselves truly in a horrible place.

Get involved, stay involved, and let’s take this back while we still can.



Here are the Bills they discussed and passed today, with the exception of 354, which was pushed off to a new date:

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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