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You would think by now the WCSD would start treating our kids and teachers better, but it seems like they’re stuck in some twisted incestual routine. I guess until they have to pay for these lawsuits and the damages, they’ll just keep throwing our kids under the bus. Fear not, though, fellow Nevadans! With as many lawsuits and atrocities that are happening and have happened to our kids and teachers, I hear they’ll soon be on the hook for damages personally; think about what that could mean!

Until then, let’s keep up the peaceful pressure and marvel at the superhero-like feats of Sigal Chattah and Joey Gilbert, who just swooped in and did something amazing here:

And let’s not forget the great Paul White, who’s like the Jordan Peterson of education reform. He’s all about making our schools safe and effective for our kids and teachers. Until that happens, he’s championing homeschooling and supporting organizations and opportunities like these right here, so we can all rise above the educational chaos:



Fear not, we’ll be exposing far more incompetence to corruption with Comrade Hill-Insky, Eric Brown-Stain, and Hide’n the Money Hillary Schieve. Stay tuned.

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