It just got really interesting!

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your popcorn and take a seat because I haven’t seen any press coverage for this laughable story, which puts the justice system, media, and their incestuous relationship on the world stage for all to enjoy.

Picture this: a judge who seems to have broken protocol by allowing subpoenas before an answer is even filed. Nuts right?

The experts say things like:

“How in the world was a subpoena issued before an Answer was even filed and the early case conference set to discuss the discovery? Discovery can’t commence until these things happen”

“How is the discovery commissioner even involved in a case where an Answer hadn’t even been filed yet? Why are there subpoenas even issued yet? Does this judge know what legal procedures are”

“He can’t make law from the bench”

“A first-year law student knows better than what Hardy did”

“Hardy must really owe these people to destroy his name like this”

I could show you more, but you get the gest of it. This judge is being looked at by so many people in the legal system. The political nature of this entire case is all about ensuring we can’t investigate public servants. Oh, the irony!

This judge’s decision has attorneys and private investigators quaking in their boots, wondering if it’s the end of their professions. According to numerous experts, the judge’s last ruling appears to have been a political decision, and he ruled from the bench and created law. The net effect? Attorneys, especially trial attorneys, would have to disclose all their work leading into trial, spoiling their entire case and profession! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot, am I right?

The ramifications of what this judge has done are damning for attorneys and licensed private investigators in Nevada and potentially other states as well. When you look at the authority this judge cites, experts say he’s lost his mind! It has nothing to do with private investigators and trade secrets. It’s like watching a confused chimpanzee trying to explain quantum physics.

The legal and private investigation communities are going crazy with what they say this judge did. They say his ruling was him creating law from the bench, which he can’t do. They say what he did would remove “subrosa” from their tool belts.

What’s “subrosa”?

“Subrosa” is a Latin term that means “under the rose” and refers to secrecy or confidentiality.

What does it entail? 

Alright, let’s imagine you’re playing a game of hide-and-seek with your friends, and you’re the seeker. You put on your detective hat and start looking for your friends who are hiding in the most ridiculous places. That’s similar to what attorneys and private investigators do when they’re trying to find out sneaky information to help with their cases.

Now, imagine if someone told you that you have to find your friends without moving, and you can only call out their names while standing in one spot. You’d be like a confused clown trying to play detective! That’s what it would be like if attorneys and private investigators couldn’t use subrosa, or secret ways of finding information, to help them with their cases. Their jobs would turn into a comedy show, and what they do now to prove guilt or innocence would be destroyed.

This judge is going to be infamous.

Moving along, guess what happened on Friday? The client, John Doe, entered the lawsuit, answered, and filed a motion to dismiss. The law firm representing this person or group is an international law firm, and you better believe the judge and all his poor decisions will be put on display for the entire world to see. Even Nevada judges, including some of the Supreme Court, are saying the judge has lost his marbles.

What we’re witnessing is the Nevada justice system on trial and the quid pro quo, pay-to-play, and incestuous nature of the people we look to for protection being exposed. At the end of the day, this entire case should’ve been thrown out because no law was broken. Let’s be honest. This is all about our public servants not being held accountable for potential crimes they commit. They’re literally changing the laws as they go, trying to keep people from uncovering their crimes, and potentially destroying the legal profession and private investigation industry in the process. It’s like watching a bunch of clowns trying to assemble a car.

So, buckle up folks, because this is just starting to get good! Let’s see how corrupt these people really are, take notes, and call this for what it is: a way for them to change the laws so they can break them with no accountability.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here are the documents filed on Friday. Feast your eyes on John Doe’s facts, and just imagine the juicy details that’ll come to light when this goes forward. I imagine, God willing, discovery is going to expose so many people. I can’t wait to see what happens next! My popcorn is at the ready!


Remember in this entire case, no law was broken by the private investigator.

You may not like the idea of a licensed investigator investigating public servants, but it was legal until Hardy and the Assembly decided to make this case all about protecting potential criminals rather than holding them accountable. I for one prefer our so-called servants be held accountable if they are breaking the laws. Don’t you?


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