In a meticulously researched and thought-provoking exposé, the enigmatic TC has recently emerged on the scene, leveling serious allegations against Eric Brown-Stain and Comrade Hill-Insky.

TC, an anonymous figure whose identity remains shrouded in mystery, has reached out to several publications to share their findings from their time in Nevada. Their gender, true name, and whether they’re an individual or a collective remain unknown, leaving us with only tantalizing clues about their true nature.

What is certain, however, is that TC’s work appears to be impeccably sourced and accurate. We urge you to read their chilling account of the CARES Campus, which raises critical questions about why we must demand a full investigation into Eric Brown and Alexis Hill.

Rumors swirl around these shadowy figures, whispered by insiders who allege that they have broken numerous laws, potentially enriching themselves and their friends at the expense of the public.

Consider the $78 million CARES Campus, a facility so ill-conceived that it lacks heating, air conditioning, and even plumbing for human waste disposal. One can’t help but wonder: where did all that money go, and where does it continue to go?

As our city burns, Eric Brown is allegedly preoccupied with job hunting, consulting with lawyers to assess the extent of his potential legal troubles, and embarking on leisurely golf outings with friends. It’s high time we scrutinized Brown, Hill, Schieve, and their dubious circle of associates. The incestuous relationships between these individuals warrant a thorough investigation.
But fear not, for whispers hint at a reckoning on the horizon. Stay tuned, and read on.


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