As promised, lawsuits are flying into WCSD, the superintendent, and trustees.

Another power-packed justice blow was filed by Nevada’s two legal superheroes, Sigal Chattah and Joey Gilbert.

Read about it here:

EXCLUSIVE: WCSD Sued Over Gender Identity Regulations And Parental Exclusion Policies

This makes four lawsuits now against the WCSD, one against Humboldt, and many more will be incoming.

What is happening to our kids and teachers is atrocious and must stop. These so-called leaders are leading our youth into horrific pain, abuse, and delusion.

Hopefully, the courts will give the families, kids, and teachers justice.

These trustees and superintendents must protect our kids and teachers or resign. Period.

Thank God for Jeff Church, our lone defender of kids and teachers. We need more like him.

If you have had enough of the child and teacher abuse, call these people out, then run for office. Our kids need you. They need guidance and protection, not indoctrination, abuse, and pedophilia.



Here’s another Paul White TrUtH BomB. Read it and share it:

No-Accountability School Discipline Methods: Harming Not Only Black Students, but Everyone

By Paul D. White

For decades, I’ve personally been responsible for disciplining and teaching thousands of K-12 students, in 15 schools and 9 school districts, As a nationally-awarded teacher and administrator, my job was keeping schools safe, respectful, racially harmonious, and high-achieving.

I’ve seen first-hand what works – and what doesn’t. The current public school practice of no-accountability discipline (aka “Restorative Discipline”) does NOT work. It is undermining efforts to improve the behavior and academic achievement of all students – especially Black students, which is the population restorative discipline primarily targets for help. This discipline method has worsened race relations and threatens our nation’s future. Advocates of this no-accountability discipline method excitedly introduced it years ago, and today it has infected a majority of school districts. This approach had a noble goal: reducing the disparity of discipline frequency and academic achievement between Black students and their Asian, White, and Latino counterparts. But years later, restorative discipline has been a failure. Its practice has worsened this problem because of two false assumptions.

False Assumption #1:
The belief that the cause of disproportionate Black failure in schools is the result of a racially biased system. Yes, Black students are suspended and expelled far more frequently than other students. The reason is one that honest teachers of any race will agree on. On the average, Black students simply demonstrate unacceptable behavior more frequently than do students of other races
and ethnicities.

What is at the root of this problem? Famed Black economist Thomas Sowell stated that it is because a majority of Black children are “parented with social behaviors and cultural values that do not lead to success in this society.” Based on 49 years of working in-and-with public schools, I concur with Mr. Sowell. In my entire career, every single student that I observed being disciplined, of any color, was receiving that consequence based solely on their behavior, and not their race.

Regarding a lack of academic success, it’s not racism and unfair discipline  practices that cause Black students to achieve at a lower level than other races. It’s the fact that, on the average, they put less effort into doing their class work. The truth of this claim is evidenced by the numerous examples of Black students who behave in class, work hard on their studies, and are highly successful.

False Assumption #2:
The belief that lowering school standards for behavior and academics will correct the falsely claimed racial bias in schools, and improve behavior and achievement for Black students. The Fordham Institute is just one of many research organizations that have debunked this claim (“Restorative Justice Isn’t Working, But That’s Not What the Media is Reporting”).

The Fordham report stated that restorative discipline methods have resulted in more disruptive behavior by Black students, and their scores on academic tests have decreased as well. Moreover, students’ comments from schools that practice no-accountability discipline expressed unhappiness with the increase in disrespectful and violent school behavior as a result of more lax standards.

Undeterred by facts, virtually all school districts now employ a growing army of administrators who promote restorative discipline. These include diversity directors, equity and inclusion coordinators, and other race hustlers. These individuals promote racial guilt, practice reverse racism, and deny observable truths regarding the real cause of overall discipline and achievement disparity between Black students and those of other races. School-site proponents of restorative discipline make a living by encouraging Black students to see themselves as victims. They are harming Black students by failing to give them the sense of individual accountability and personal responsibility that every successful person needs.

Advocates for no-accountability discipline under whatever name, have misled and intimidated superintendents, principals, and teachers. They’ve mesmerized them into believing that racial disparity in discipline and achievement are the result of overt racism, and that lowering standards is the best way to address this situation.

Our nation must immediately awaken to the comprehensive damage being done to Black students and ALL races by no-accountability discipline practices in our schools. It is cheating our children out of the comprehensive education and social skills they need to build successful lives. If the failed restorative discipline approach is not exposed and replaced with traditionally effective methods, our work-force of tomorrow will lack the academic skills and behavioral maturity to support our nation’s future.

Paul D. White writes about all race issues, particularly those concerning Whites and Blacks. He is a career educator who has specialized in improving the academic achievement and behavior of Black students. A 2X Teacher of the Year and co-author of “White’s Rules – Saving Our Youth One Kid at a Time,” he welcomes feedback at

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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