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8 Democrats and 4 Republicans walk into a bar…

Well, kind of, they make up the Legislative and Operations committee for Nevada.

These 12 servants will decide the fate of Nevada’s election processes.

Last night, we put them on notice of the numerous issues with our current election system. We offered 100% proof that we cannot trust the machines, and an $80,000 bounty to prove us wrong. We additionally reminded them of their oaths and gave a few examples of how they lose their immunity if they knowingly break the law or do something outside the scope of their oath.

These 12 people have the ability to remove election machines, investigate our claims, and, when we are proven correct that they can’t be trusted, stop using them!

We furnished a report showing the issues in Washoe County’s voter rolls when compared to the tax records. These issues only comprise of land-use issues, meaning someone shouldn’t be voting from a vacant lot, etc. This does not include people who have moved, died, etc.


Good morning,

As you are aware, you are intending to vote on several items that would make using election voting machines mandatory.

What I’m not aware of is if you have been informed that no election voting machines can be trusted. This is not just me and the team, but Vice President Harris and a litany of other high-ranking politicians, as seen here in this brief video from Senate hearings, etc.


We have located an algorithm that has been used in the past four elections in Nevada. It’s a simple test to show you we found it, just give us the precinct data from any three precincts with over 150 votes in Washoe or Clark county for the 2020 Primary or General, or 2022 Primary or General elections, and we can give you the results of all the other precincts with an around 1% error rate for that election.

This is impossible, yet we can do it.

Additionally, we show you the formula that’s being used to do it.


We also have an $80,000 bounty to prove us wrong that has been attempted over 50 times by the world’s smartest Ph.D.s, and all have concluded we’re right.


We have found numerous additional issues with the rolls, procedures, reported voters, etc., all of which have gone unanswered by the SOS and County Commissioners.

Your votes on these items are of the utmost importance. If passed by you, it will seal the fate for free and fair elections, disenfranchising every legal Nevadan voter, and you’d be breaking countless laws that would strip your immunity away.

See the emails below from Friday and Monday in which we notified the SOS and Washoe County commissioners of these issues. Again, they have gone unanswered.

If you pass these bills, now knowing these machines are 100% compromised, you will not only break your oath of office but additionally can be found guilty as follows:

“An officer of the court may be held liable in damages to any person injured in consequence of a breach of any of the duties connected with his office…The liability for nonfeasance, misfeasance, and for malfeasance in office is in his ‘Individual Capacity,’ not his official capacity…” (see 70 Am. Jur. 2nd Sec. 50, VII Civil Liability)

“When a state officer acts under a state law in a manner violative of the Federal Constitution, he comes into conflict with the superior authority of that Constitution, and he is in that case stripped of his official or representative character and is subjected in his person to the consequences of his individual conduct. The State has no power to impart to him any immunity from responsibility to the supreme authority of the United States.” – U.S. Supreme Court, in Scheuer v. Rhodes, 416 U.S. 232, 94 S. Ct. 1683, 1687 (1974).

These are just two; there are many more.

Something very simple to remember: the mail-out ballots are all gathered up, then brought to a centralized counting facility. A machine then counts every bubble and ballot, not humans. The totals then go to an EMS machine. The voting machines people use in person keep track of all the votes cast via a thumb drive, the thumb drives are then plugged into the EMS machine. No human ever counts those votes either.

The EMS then tells us who got how many votes. Who wins, loses, etc.

The EMS is hooked up to the internet. It can easily and has been easily hacked, as we have proven. This can happen without the workers knowing. There is no reason to use machines and tens of millions of dollars to count 300,000 votes with zero hope of legitimacy.

I will be more than happy to explain a very simple, trustworthy, and extremely low-cost method to ensure free and fair elections, all but cheaters would support.

If none of you respond back, it tells us much. If you don’t ask how to save millions and guarantee trustworthy elections, it will say much. If you disregard this entirely and vote in favor of these completely untrustworthy election machines, it tells the people you are the ones allowing it to happen and who you truly represent.

I hope to hear from you soon, but I look forward to you representing your constituents and voting no to machines, investigating them, our findings, and then removing them.

This is a nonpartisan issue; this affects us all. Keep us posted, we’ll be watching and hope to celebrate your wisdom in doing what is right, and just.


Robert Beadles and team


Here are the emails and attached file for issues found when solely comparing the County’s own tax records to the voter rolls.

We furnished the two emails sent to Washoe County Commissioners, the Secretary of State, the Registrar of Voters, and County Manager Eric Brown.

We have the proof and back up what we state. These servants of ours use the media and their mouthpieces to call us names and paint us as crazy, but they never debate the facts with us.

If we’re nuts, why not hold a town hall meeting for the world to see, expose us as nuts, and let the facts speak for themselves for all to see and hear?

Why won’t they? You know why. We’re right. They’re wrong. They’re criminals. We’ll prove it.

Regardless, these 12 servants have been given the knowledge that the machines cannot be trusted. If they vote for the machines in all the bills, etc., put in front of them, they are committing malfeasance to treason.

Watch them closely and hold them peacefully accountable. This has nothing to do with politics or parties; this has to do with your right to life. If they pass these bills, they can pass anything they want going forward. No transparency or trust will ever be in our elections again.

Here are their emails:
(copy and paste the whole list into your email “to” section),,,,,,,,,,,,

Peacefully and respectfully speak your mind, then hold them accountable, peacefully.

One of the Votes is today at 4 pm.



Details for today’s hearing here:

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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