Look past the propaganda, the programming, the B.S., the lies, and the fake sob stories; and focus on the facts, the spokespeople, and the parties involved. Then ask yourself why.

By now, you’ve heard of the local PI who installed a tracker on Hillary Schives’ vehicle. Hillary told the Sparks PD she wanted to make this very public and have someone carry a bill for her on this topic.

Could you or I do that? Likely not.

Sparks detectives then told her the PI was licensed and no law was broken. They then, against their training and rules, offered legal advice after they did numerous questionable things to locate the identity of the PI.

Hillary knew that. She sued him anyway.

Hillary alleges she was stalked, that her property was trespassed upon, etc.

All of which Sparks PD knew not to be true.

You can see the interviews with Hillary and Sparks PD & David the PI and Sparks PD, here:



There was no stalking, there was no trespassing, and no law was broken, but Hillary appears to have perjured herself and brought false claims against David, and the Sparks PD may have broken rules, laws, ordinances, etc.

What did David do wrong?

Every PI and law firm in the state is asking that question.

David was hired by someone or some group to investigate Hillary. We don’t know yet what David was investigating, but we know there is a huge list of accusations against her by city, county workers, and the public, some listed here:


Staying true to what Hillary said, there is now a bill in front of the assembly they will vote on. It makes it illegal now to install a tracking device on a person’s vehicle in Nevada unless it’s done by law enforcement, a lien holder, or a vehicle manufacturer.

What does that mean? If passed, it means now every law firm, PI, etc., that has been doing this very thing no longer can. It means that the criminals running the bank, so to speak, can no longer be investigated by tracking their movements.

Here’s the bill; look at who sponsored it. Make sure you never give them a dime or your vote again.

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Notice the bill clearly states:

“Existing law does not expressly prohibit a person from installing a tracking device on the motor vehicle of another person”

So now you know, not only does law enforcement say it’s legal, even the bill does, and of course, the NRS says it is as well.

We can all agree we don’t want some creep tracking us, but if law enforcement or a licensed investigator has cause, it should be allowed. We need accountability, we need investigations, and we need to hold people accountable. We don’t need stalkers. So the law should read that it can be done by law enforcement, a lien holder, a vehicle manufacturer, or a licensed investigator. We don’t need some random person on Facebook tracking us, but guess what? That’s actually illegal too! So that law is already in place. So what’s this really about?

It’s about making this as political as possible; it’s about passing a bill to make sure you can never demand your representatives are representing you. It means you now have fewer mechanisms in place to hold your representatives accountable, safely and lawfully.

Make no mistake, the PI broke no laws, but Hillary may have broken many. That’s what this is really about. It’s about hiding the truth and making the good guys into bad guys for simply truth-telling.

We don’t trust our politicians and now a lot of law enforcement. We see that they are not representing us. Most know this. This is one more attempt at making sure you can’t hold them accountable.

You see what’s happening to our county and country; you know you’ve been sold out. This so-called media is not journalism; they are the propaganda arm for the Soros cabal.

To the Soros Cabal Media here in Nevada and across the globe, they try to paint me as some kind of right-wing nut. I’m the furthest from it. I just want our representatives to represent us constitutionally so we can all go about our lives, versus having them stripped from us.

I never asked nor paid anyone to track, stalk, or monitor the movements of anyone, even though it’s legal, I didn’t.

They want to paint us as nuts, but we know they are just trying to hide and cover up their crimes. They won’t be able to for much longer. What we found will expose them, and why they are so desperate to keep you away from the truths we do and will expose.

The local and global Soros Propaganda media cabal, your representatives, and others are lying to you, stealing from you, and mocking you; you know it.

Hold them all peacefully accountable, and filter through their BS and get to the truth, then expose it.



Here was the only quote I gave the Soros cabal:

“You want a quote?

Ok here you go:

In your last propaganda piece, you took clips from videos and purposely changed their context. Furthermore, you went on to imply that I was somehow a racist for saying word for word what my black mentor said. Then you went on to suggest that I was an anti-Semite, both of which are abhorrent lies. You are not a journalist; you are the propaganda department for the Soros cabal. I hope you find God.

All of you here in this email thread, lose my email, lose my phone number, don’t contact me again”

These thoughts, statements, and opinions are my own, not of any club, committee, organization, etc.

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