We typically do not cover local news articles, but we have decided to make an exception in this case. Fox Reno recently published an article and video featuring Cisco Aguilar discussing a process to track ballots similar to a Grubhub pizza order. While this may sound like a good idea, the problem lies in the fact that we never get to see who they actually say we vote for. We can see the envelopes with all the voter information on them, but we cannot see the votes on the anonymous ballots. This is a huge red flag. If a person’s information was on the ballot, the state would be breaking the law, so why can’t we see them? Why can’t we get copies of all ballots and audit them to ensure that the votes match what they report? They are 100% anonymous, so what are they hiding?

The article goes on to say that an additional $30,000,000 is needed to move the entire registration and voter roll process to the centralized Secretary of State office. However, I believe that this could be built for a few hundred thousand dollars, and creating an entirely new system for roughly a few million voters would cost around 1-2 million dollars, not $30,000,000. It makes me wonder where all the money goes. Furthermore, the counties already blame the state for countless issues, and now they are supposed to turn over everything to the state and let the state run their communities? This is a recipe for disaster and fraud. There will be no transparency or accountability in any meaningful way, and that is exactly what it appears they want.

The consolidation of information and power may sound good to someone who hasn’t really looked into our election processes, but to someone who has, this is a way to ensure that we never have a free election again. Even worse than it is today. The article also talks about how election workers have left in droves since 2020 and how it’s hard to keep employees. However, they should show you how many temps, and temp agencies they use and how many locals who apply to help are never utilized. Thousands of people in Washoe county alone have offered to step up, even for free, but few are ever called, if any. Additionally, highly qualified candidates are turned away, which begs the question as to why? Do they only want puppets or do they want people who actually know the rules and how to run elections properly?

The article goes on to say that there has been no proof of election fraud. However, if that is the case, why hasn’t anyone ever proved our $80,000 in challenges to be lies then? Why have major media companies with their high-priced PhDs failed to prove us wrong and decided not to cover once they found we were right?

Towards the end of the article, they state that Aguilar has talked extensively about pushing a bill making it a felony to harass, intimidate or threaten election workers or volunteers. While none of us condone harassment or threatening workers or volunteers, word games can be dangerous for everyone. Imagine if they consider asking for clean voter rolls harassment. Imagine if they consider asking for the credentials of the workers as threatening or simply observing the election process as harassment or threatening.

These people are hiding the truth from us, and we cannot trust our elections. The majority of the country knows that there are issues with our elections. The media calling us names does not make them right and us wrong; it simply shows that they are unwilling to debate us on the facts. They hope that by calling us names, we will be quiet, or by introducing a bill that makes it a crime to peacefully ensure our right to suffrage is not impeded, we will bend the knee. We won’t, and we can’t.

It is a simple request: if they want us to trust them, they should let us verify what they say instead of resorting to name-calling or arrest when we ask for proof.

Trustworthy elections can be achieved with a few simple steps:

  • Each county should run their own elections
  • Clean the voter rolls
  • End mass mailout ballots
  • Use voter ID
  • Signature verification
  • No voting machines
  • Paper ballots only
  • Precinct-level voting, counting, and reporting
  • Election day, not election 2 months

These straightforward measures will save us millions of dollars and provide us with results just 2 hours after the polls close, just like we used to have before things went upside down.

Why not give us trustworthy elections and save a ton of money? What are they hiding?

I think we all know the answer to that.



Apologies for the lack of posts. We have been busy with research, and you won’t believe what we found. Stay tuned.

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